Varun Sivashankar

Varun Sivashankar Poems

1. The Tree Outside My Room 2/21/2013
2. The Cloud 3/3/2013
3. Observing Colours 3/3/2013
4. My Adventures In The Sea 3/3/2013
5. Seasons 3/3/2013
6. Life 3/3/2013
7. On A Swing 3/7/2013
8. My Brother's Excuses 3/7/2013
9. The Doctor's Fear 3/7/2013
10. Sights From A Train 3/7/2013
11. Stars 3/7/2013
12. Another World: Dreams 3/7/2013
13. 21st December: The End Of The World 3/7/2013
14. God 11/27/2014
15. Exams 3/7/2013
16. My Dad's Work 3/7/2013
17. Cricket 3/7/2013
Best Poem of Varun Sivashankar


No doubt one of my favourite games,
Is none other than cricket,
I like the high emotions when,
There is a six or a wicket.

When it's a close match,
We bite our nails,
When our team wins,
Our players we appreciate.

Cricket is the best game far and wide,
I am sure that I am right.
We spend all our pounds and pence,
To see sixes and fours racing to the fence.

ODIs are interesting,
Ticket sellers are few,
And people who want ODI tickets,
Have a long, long queue.

Cricket is the best,
Forget the rest,
And the chosen ...

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When it finally came, the season of spring,
I thought I'd enjoy everything.
But the singing of the birds drove me raving mad,
Insects in my house everywhere I had.
I sneezed every time I sniffed the pollen in the air,
By the end of the season, I was crying in despair.

Then came summer and parched me dry,
I prayed for rain but there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

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