Treasure Island

Varun Sivashankar

Poems of Varun Sivashankar

1. 21st December: The End Of The World 3/7/2013
2. Another World: Dreams 3/7/2013
3. Cricket 3/7/2013
4. Exams 3/7/2013
5. Life 3/3/2013
6. My Adventures In The Sea 3/3/2013
7. My Brother's Excuses 3/7/2013
8. My Dad's Work 3/7/2013
9. Observing Colours 3/3/2013
10. On A Swing 3/7/2013
11. Seasons 3/3/2013
12. Sights From A Train 3/7/2013
13. Stars 3/7/2013
14. The Cloud 3/3/2013
15. The Doctor's Fear 3/7/2013
16. The Tree Outside My Room 2/21/2013

The Cloud

Pierced by the mountain peaks, so very high,
Directed by the wind in the blue sky.
I travel ‘round the world and everything I see,
Nothing escapes my notice, whatever it may be.
When the birds come, I enjoy their stay,
They come sing to me and then go away.
When night arrives, and everything is black,
I vanish suddenly but I know I'll be back.
The next day comes, and in the morning shroud,

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