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Anu Shraddha poet Emotions-Haiku by Anu Shraddha Veteran Poet - 1,225 Points
Emotions are a Given
To recognize and understand, not react
paul righetti poet Fallen Stars Don'T Scream by paul righetti Rookie - 0 Points
The hurt in your eyes knows my sympathy
But the impressions I gained have departed.
Melissa Furey poet First Love by Melissa Furey Rookie - 264 Points
when will I get to hold your hand
when will I get to see the only man than understand
Therecis Owl poet Les Contes D'Un Infidèle Fidèles by Therecis Owl Rookie - 22 Points
Était-ce sa beauté toxiques
Son doux parfum
paul righetti poet Mels by paul righetti Rookie - 0 Points
You are my runner
You are my rest
Josey Alfred poet Glory by Josey Alfred Freshman - 748 Points
Look at sun and the moon
paul righetti poet Melanie by paul righetti Rookie - 0 Points
You are the lightning rod of my life
You are the endless feeling of flight
William Waterway poet Tributaries Of Blood by William Waterway Rookie - 44 Points
I found my love clinging to river's edge
stirring soft shimmer of misty morning
Therecis Owl poet Tales Of The Loyal Infidel by Therecis Owl Rookie - 22 Points
Was it her toxic beauty
Her scent sweet
Yor Nella poet You Enrich My Life In Every Way by Yor Nella Rookie - 139 Points
The path you’re treading looks different to me
but sometimes we meet like ships on the sea.
paul righetti poet Somebody Told Me by paul righetti Rookie - 0 Points
Somebody told me late last night
You were sneakin’ out in the mornin’
Anu Shraddha poet To Love-Haiku by Anu Shraddha Veteran Poet - 1,225 Points
To not be right always
To not always see eye to eye
paul righetti poet Kaylee Kelly by paul righetti Rookie - 0 Points
I’m sitting with the driver girl
Who brought our bus to Delhi
Luo Zhihai poet Mourning Wang Guozhen by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 6,973 Points
★ Mourning Wang Guozhen
☆ Poetry and Translation by Luo Zhihai (China)
Royston Allen poet Too Wonderful For Words by Royston Allen Veteran Poet - 1,349 Points
Lord Jesus; You’re too Wonderful for words
and far too marvellous to comprehend.
paul righetti poet Only The Ghosts by paul righetti Rookie - 0 Points
I used to watch you dance
across the family verandah
paul righetti poet The Gardener by paul righetti Rookie - 0 Points
Empty Aldi tins in the rubbish bin
Still make me think of you
Sumita Jetley poet Love Takes Long Strides by Sumita Jetley Freshman - 816 Points
High & Wide,
And Quietly,
Ima Ryma poet Family Reunion by Ima Ryma Bronze Star - 2,322 Points
She was my daughter, then one day
We were together, then were not.
Tony Adah poet The Lesson by Tony Adah Gold Star - 6,468 Points
The lesson is not learned
We continue with the calmness of heart
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan poet Praising A Lady Poet, Saraswathi Baskaran From Trichy by Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Veteran Poet - 1,321 Points
Even though the composition of a poem
...with the purity
Mary Webb poet The Night Sky by Mary Webb
The moon, beyond her violet bars,
From towering heights of thunder-cloud,
Denis Martindale poet Giraffe! by Denis Martindale Veteran Poet - 1,160 Points
Young giraffes can feel unhappy,
With their Mums oh so tall:
Dean Meredith poet The Mandalay Horse by Dean Meredith Freshman - 523 Points
On the road to Mandalay
There was a horse
Melissa L Tamayo poet Death Surrounds Me by Melissa L Tamayo Rookie - 282 Points
Death Surrounds Me
Death surrounds me, it's all around me.
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