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Nassy Fesharaki poet Becoming Pork by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 40,572 Points
Becoming pork
I recall the advice:
Donal Mahoney poet Email From An Old Boss,85 by Donal Mahoney Gold Star - 13,565 Points
After Saturday tennis I came home
took a nap and woke up dizzy
Elizabeth Robinson poet The Soul by Elizabeth Robinson
The soul in its doorway
and then the doorway dies.
Elizabeth Robinson poet The New Vocation by Elizabeth Robinson
The body collects aphorisms, as though it were a jar.
That is the world, secured so, and palely organized
Elizabeth Robinson poet On Advent by Elizabeth Robinson
Rough draft.
Infernal orientation of
Elizabeth Robinson poet On Blue by Elizabeth Robinson
The afterlife is blue, this change
of thirst. A figure
Elizabeth Robinson poet On Quim by Elizabeth Robinson
Flooding the place the
the body wanted to believe
Elizabeth Robinson poet On Dirt by Elizabeth Robinson
A body unto itself, rancid golem.
The body releases a tuft of hair.
Elizabeth Robinson poet To Do Away With Things by Elizabeth Robinson
To do away with things
Luo Zhihai poet Vermilion Umbrella And Cyan Clothes, The Creak Of An Oar O.. by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 72,302 Points
Vermilion umbrella and cyan clothes, the creak of an oar of the black tarpaulin boat, white wall, green tile and lamp, cool breeze comforts the passer
Elizabeth Robinson poet On Fog by Elizabeth Robinson
Gray, soft, tidal. One had no need to decide
whether to trust it. A key that is good in any lock. It recurs. It told us
Elizabeth Robinson poet Cherimoya by Elizabeth Robinson
The tongue conformed itself
around this large glossy darkness,
Elizabeth Robinson poet On the End by Elizabeth Robinson
Here's your natural cause.
Exposure, hunger, alcohol.
Gajanan Mishra poet By Chosen Words by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 146,242 Points
Let me tell something
By my chosen words,
Elizabeth Robinson poet Sanctuary by Elizabeth Robinson
Do you mind, she asked,
if I steal a bit from you. This
Elizabeth Robinson poet Red by Elizabeth Robinson
"Fate's material secrecy"
is merely a phrase
Elizabeth Robinson poet Congratulations by Elizabeth Robinson
"Willy nilly runs the river
Without an original edition."
Elizabeth Robinson poet Beggar by Elizabeth Robinson
"Don't try changing my convictions; I'm lucid."
If I don't give you the shirt off my back,
Judith Blatherwick poet Royal Houses Of Light And Dark by Judith Blatherwick Gold Star - 17,095 Points
In a misty state of nothing,
With no form yet to the skies,
Prageeta Sharma poet Against Careers by Prageeta Sharma
The poem started in Providence
where something begun in my head
Prageeta Sharma poet The Qualities Of Things by Prageeta Sharma
I keep freedom under my belt, I say, this is for the little people.
With a taunt and shallow plush smile, I have read a book that will keep
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet No Return by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 24,812 Points
In love one is to be burnt or to burn
Where beauty takes U turn is no return
Prageeta Sharma poet In Open Water, In Mathematical Star by Prageeta Sharma
after Breton
The glove was lost under the twinkling of night, under the premise
Prageeta Sharma poet Catalogue Of Swindles And Perversions by Prageeta Sharma
Ring the changes on or take up the cudgels for,
to toe the line
Ramesh T A poet A Practice Of An Art! by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 31,856 Points
Singing or dancing or speaking on the stage may look simple;
It is like reciting an essay depicting the picture of a short story
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