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Francie Lynch poet Just Because by Francie Lynch Silver Star - 4,488 Points
Just because there's UFOs,
... a big bang,
Jason Bredle poet Horse's Adventure by Jason Bredle
The horse discovered a gateway to another
dimension, and with nothing else to do, moseyed
Samantha DeWitt poet What He Really Wanted by Samantha DeWitt Rookie - 194 Points
Years ago, I met someone
Who asked another for a fag
Kenneth Maswabi poet A Bag Of Ideas by Kenneth Maswabi Silver Star - 3,723 Points
I’m looking for a fertile ground
With an abundance of investors
Tanya StewartBoateng poet Fear by Tanya StewartBoateng Rookie - 0 Points
For fear of my heart, I recoil within,
For fear of the waters, I prefer to sit still.
Nassy Fesharaki poet Venemous by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 8,898 Points
Tanya StewartBoateng poet The Dalit's Load by Tanya StewartBoateng Rookie - 0 Points
He walked with sullied purpose
In sadistic rays.
Mehran Khanday poet Memories by Mehran Khanday Rookie - 165 Points
There is pain and there is that joy!
There is seperation and there is that happiness,
Phil Soar poet I Volunteered by Phil Soar Gold Star - 6,943 Points
I’d volunteered my services to help the local school
By making tea and baking cakes and making people drool
Max Plowman poet Adventures of King Robert the Bruce by Max Plowman
King Robert the Bruce's deadly enemy, John of Lorn,
Joined the English with eight hundred Highlanders one morn,
Phil Soar poet The Remedy by Phil Soar Gold Star - 6,943 Points
“I’ll remedy that”, the doctor said
As he drilled holes into my head
Hebert Logerie poet Como El Rocío Matinal by Hebert Logerie Bronze Star - 2,567 Points
Como el rocío
De una hermosa mañana de verano,
Paul Amrod poet The Infiltration Of Fascistic Habits by Paul Amrod Veteran Poet - 1,060 Points
Delivering illusory connotations and defying the science of Newton
strains of the unimaginable become a distorted reality.
Rg Gregory poet Adventure by Rg Gregory
just as the dusk comes hooting
down through the shivering black leaves
Kenneth Maswabi poet My Opinion by Kenneth Maswabi Silver Star - 3,723 Points
Shrouded in a cloud of dust
My opinion is never seen
Paul Amrod poet Pictures Of Dorian Gray by Paul Amrod Veteran Poet - 1,060 Points
Waiting for the sun
Facing toward the east
Edward Kofi Louis poet Virtuous Circle by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 16,595 Points
Sermon, lemon!
Sleep deep with love and,
Edward Kofi Louis poet Purview, Preview! by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 16,595 Points
Impress me with your sweet love;
Felix Opaleye poet I Got A Feeling For You by Felix Opaleye Rookie - 0 Points
Your sexy smiles makes me lose myself in you, I can't wait any longer; this love is gradually driving me insane.
Life will definitely get better wi
Edward Kofi Louis poet Givanildo by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 16,595 Points
Waiting for the train to come;
Dr John Celes poet Sonnet: Life’s Pages by Dr John Celes Gold Star - 4,933 Points
Each day, a dawn, a page, all blank, I fill,
With worthwhile words, emerging from my heart;
Carolyn Kizer poet Bitch by Carolyn Kizer
Now, when he and I meet, after all these years,
I say to the bitch inside me, don't start growling.
Kenneth Maswabi poet Survival Of The Slickest by Kenneth Maswabi Silver Star - 3,723 Points
Thousands of youth roam the streets
With bags full of empty smiles
Anurag Kumar Swami poet Funeral by Anurag Kumar Swami Rookie - 0 Points
It was just an illusion, which I was thinking real
It was movie's THE END, not serial’s FREE HAND
Jasbir Chatterjee poet Being 49, Going On 50 by Jasbir Chatterjee Veteran Poet - 1,784 Points
I am 49,
Going on 50.
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