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Georgia Hindmarch poet Unspoken Truth by Georgia Hindmarch Freshman - 734 Points
it is not often i speak aloud
about this black hole that lives in me
Georgia Hindmarch poet Therapy by Georgia Hindmarch Freshman - 734 Points
they used to tell me
that they could help me
Adebayo Ogunleye poet Mother, Where Is Thy Virtues by Adebayo Ogunleye Rookie - 0 Points
The morning sun thou defiled,
and dying sun thou have setting,
Georgia Hindmarch poet The Beginning Of The End by Georgia Hindmarch Freshman - 734 Points
the burning touch
of Heaven's fire
Jeanette Telusma poet Saturday by Jeanette Telusma Silver Star - 3,170 Points
I love and always look forward to Saturdays.
It is a day to just lay around or get ready to go..
Georgia Hindmarch poet The Pen by Georgia Hindmarch Freshman - 734 Points
years ago you gave me
you gave me this fancy Swarovski crystal pen
Naveed Khalid poet A Green-Eyed Monster by Naveed Khalid Gold Star - 16,037 Points
Needest not I in much too wreckage
of a nerve,
Qiniso Mogale poet When There Is Fire Without Smoke by Qiniso Mogale Gold Star - 5,991 Points
When stories have been fabricated
When green lies have been told
Paul Warren poet Listen To The Muse by Paul Warren Gold Star - 47,785 Points
Write a story, sing a song
Play an instrument toe tap along
Nassy Fesharaki poet Mr. Freud by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 59,558 Points
Mr. Freud
In times I believe in
Darwin Henry Beuning poet Late Afternoon by Darwin Henry Beuning Gold Star - 14,311 Points
A couple sit hand in hand
On the porch swing.
Paul Warren poet Ballad Of The Missing Orders by Paul Warren Gold Star - 47,785 Points
Is it me or just a coincidence
Out for an evening of pleasance
Maria Magdalena Biela poet The Red Dress / Rochia Rosie by Maria Magdalena Biela Veteran Poet - 1,997 Points
I always saw, I always said
If I were grown and free,
Sourav Sarkar poet কাজী নজরুলের প্রতি(Kazi Nazruler Proti) by Sourav Sarkar Rookie - 4 Points
হে বিদ্রোহের কবি মানবের অন্তরে-
ফুটিয়ে তুলেছ বিদ্রোহের উপস্থিতে,
Avinash Nair poet Recollection by Avinash Nair Veteran Poet - 1,413 Points
Sometimes I think; are you even real?
I mean I have heard you,
Robert Murray Smith poet We Will Know by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 146,878 Points
We will not live another day longer
NHIEN NGUYEN MD poet Tomorrow Is The Easter Sunday by NHIEN NGUYEN MD Gold Star - 28,570 Points
This morning, cold gusts continuously blew
I dropped my wife at a grocery store but I waited in our car.
Robert Murray Smith poet Dreaming A Dream by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 146,878 Points
When we dream a dream there
is hope
douglas lewis poet No Envy Here by douglas lewis Freshman - 795 Points
The greens smother me.
Qiniso Mogale poet When The Dust Settles by Qiniso Mogale Gold Star - 5,991 Points
Fierce winds of life blow
Dangerous winds of life blow
Jackie Kay poet Sound Of Sleat by Jackie Kay
I always looked out at the world,
And wondered if the world looked back at me,
Jackie Kay poet That Distance Apart by Jackie Kay
I am only nineteen
My whole life is changing
Jackie Kay poet Threshold by Jackie Kay
Let's blether about doors.
Revolving doors and sliding doors;
Jackie Kay poet from Lochaline Stores by Jackie Kay
Nothing can be hidden from Lochaline Stores,
Supposing the Grocer's has eyes and ears:
Jackie Kay poet Between the Dee and the Don by Jackie Kay
‘The middle ground is the best place to be'
- Igbo saying
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