Thomas Adams

Rookie (Sedalia, Mo.)

Poems of Thomas Adams

1. A Broken Heart 9/22/2013
2. A Classic 8/14/2013
3. A Gusty Windy Breeze 8/26/2013
4. A Kindliness 9/2/2013
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6. A Love 8/23/2013
7. A Moments Note 7/26/2013
8. A Mystery 9/30/2013
9. A Notion 8/7/2013
10. A Rattle Sound 8/28/2013
11. A Shiny Light 8/26/2013
12. Along Dreaming 1/3/2014
13. 'Along the Line' 7/25/2013
14. America The Beautiful 8/7/2013
15. Babble 9/2/2013
16. Befriended 9/2/2013
17. 'Eagles Top The Trees' 8/14/2013
18. Earthly Play 7/25/2013
19. FULL 8/24/2013
20. 'Hearts Beat Even, Fast! ' 8/4/2013

'Along the Line'

I remember being happy. And if it's all the same,
I'll tell she woke me up each day with 'Mommy's tickle game'.
And oh that sun was much too bright; my future, full of fame.
To hear my mother's vibrant voice as she called me by my name.

I smelled the air that dried the clothes that danced along the line.
And I would take the basket in when mom ran out of time.
Mom's in the house and moving round while I would tag behind.
She questioned me where I should be and I'd say I was fin

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