Thomas Adams

(Sedalia, Mo.)

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  • Faeo Lyre Clive (7/25/2013 9:57:00 PM)

    Hark! I limn in fine...we/this academe interfused, sees the counterchanging hand [Thomas Adams] on the scepter. 'gainst all clamant ataraxy, I the cup-bearer dare not mind the gavel's heaviness but Rhadamanthine, lift it to sentence in fine that the claustral Thomas Adams, is of the blood in all entire a'outrance - who therefore owe us an amende honorable for his cachination-in-clarion. I dare asperse not this gravid asphodel Thomas-in-gloriole amid us, who should by all means endue we the nescient epigoni. This clou [Thomas] above all semblable, the stentor-in-wellspring adds chord to my Lyre and cincture to my draff couched in phobia. He thus sent me to the corybantic but crapulent stupor. I am a crescent exalté and shall exuberant, fecundate. Inflame us, oh ponderable Adams, by the honeydew even; for our unknowing shall ingurgate and abide the oriflamme. I suppose it's not the trahison des clercs, oh redivivus book for you is yetl.....may the volution continue. Kudos, Bard.

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Earthly Play

See the way the wind will flow on down the waterline.
And tap on recent memories while stroll along the pine.
Invite the others gather round to brave these colors told.
And thank the Lord for sight to see this earthly play unfold.
Raise your glass and clink to cheer these warmest sights you see.
And rest assured your safe and sound and seeing them with me.

[Hata Bildir]