Thabang kgwatalala

Poems of Thabang kgwatalala

1. ...Is Just A Fantasy 6/22/2013
2. A year older... 11/3/2013
3. Beauty is in the eyes of the behold 6/22/2013
4. Broken heart... 6/22/2013
5. dear stranger 1/2/2014
6. exiting 1/2/2014
7. Family 1/2/2014
8. Happy Birthday Message From Mother 1/2/2014
9. How I Feel About You 1/2/2014
10. How I Feel... 1/2/2014
11. I am an original.... 11/3/2013
12. I am sorry... for my insecurities 11/3/2013
13. I am sorry...for my treatment 11/3/2013
14. I Dreamed Of Love 6/22/2013
15. I Feel Blessed Because Of You... 1/2/2014
16. I have done everything under the sun.... 11/3/2013
17. I would love to be..... 11/15/2013
18. If I was a poet... 11/3/2013
19. Important Person In Every Person's Life... A Mother 1/2/2014
20. Just One Wish 6/22/2013

...Is Just A Fantasy

Deep down inside, I can speak with words full of beauty, honour and respect, just to convince my self that you are the one.
I can express how I feel about you, just to imagine the flames of your heart, my fear.
I can close my eyes, just to dream you on my shoulder.

I can see your smile on my picture wall, the expression of laughter, just to convince my self that you are mine.
I can have you all over me, kissing till your heart stop pounding like a thunder when you feel my comfort, just to

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