Thabang kgwatalala

Poems of Thabang kgwatalala

1. ...Is Just A Fantasy 6/22/2013
2. A year older... 11/3/2013
3. Beauty is in the eyes of the behold 6/22/2013
4. Broken heart... 6/22/2013
5. dear stranger 1/2/2014
6. exiting 1/2/2014
7. Family 1/2/2014
8. Happy Birthday Message From Mother 1/2/2014
9. Heavenly sent 8/3/2014
10. How I Feel About You 1/2/2014
11. How I Feel... 1/2/2014
12. I am an original.... 11/3/2013
13. I am sorry... for my insecurities 11/3/2013
14. I am sorry...for my treatment 11/3/2013
15. I Dreamed Of Love 6/22/2013
16. I Feel Blessed Because Of You... 1/2/2014
17. I have done everything under the sun.... 11/3/2013
18. I would love to be..... 11/15/2013
19. If I was a poet... 11/3/2013
20. Important Person In Every Person's Life... A Mother 1/2/2014

Money can't

I rule the world, since I can make it to go around. I stay long with those who knows how to spend me, usefully.
They use to say 'I'm the root of all evil', but I'm loved everywhere even by the pastors 'cause I make life possible.

Who am I? to bring love while I'm still plenty in your bank, and take it when I leave.
Who am I? to rule the world while I'm just coins that makes noise in your pockets.

I truly can make everything happen in this world. No one can beat me, except
God, Almighty.

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