Thabang kgwatalala

Thabang kgwatalala Poems

1. Women in men's life 1/2/2014
2. I am sorry... for my insecurities 11/3/2013
3. How I Feel About You 1/2/2014
4. When You're Feeling Lonely... 1/2/2014
5. Important Person In Every Person's Life... A Mother 1/2/2014
6. I am an original.... 11/3/2013
7. The time is now... 11/22/2013
8. you are loved... 1/2/2014
9. dear stranger 1/2/2014
10. Valentine's day 1/2/2014
11. sweet words... 1/2/2014
12. last night dream... 1/2/2014
13. the key... 1/2/2014
14. exiting 1/2/2014
15. What Is Love? ? ? 1/2/2014
16. My Wonderful Beauty Princess 1/2/2014
17. Money can't 6/22/2013
18. Tearing apart.... 6/22/2013
19. The strength that never faded me... 6/22/2013
20. Unspoken....words 6/22/2013

Broken heart...

This window has become my homely friend. Every day when I'm sitted here I memorize every little moment we had. I now believe that little moments can turn out to be big and unforgettable.

I can't feel this world no more. Can't it stop on the next robot and drop me please.'cause in heaven i'll be comfortable with Father, Lord. I can't live in this world while I'm incomplete.

In every second that goes by all I feel is an increase in distance between us. In every minute that goes by all I can

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