Treasure Island

Thabang kgwatalala

Biography of Thabang kgwatalala

I'm tall and shy. But it doesn't mean that I always hide myself from the world. I'm not that talkative, but I talk with people. I'm good at keeping secrets and always doing the best for others first. I usually put myself last. I'm always concerned about people than myself. The reason why I don't talk too much is because I'm afraid that I'll say something that'll hurt their feelings. I could be a life smart since I love to think about life and people Updates

Heavenly sent

She came to me as a lost princess.Her knocking on my door was like the pounding of a long hurted heart.I opened my arms so warmly to let her in as she gave me the key to her heart.She calls me 'her star in the dark', as I call her 'my heart taker'.

We live life to its greatest.Even though we sometimes misunderstand each other and fight as if we don't have care and love for each other.I promice as I once did before that I will never leave her side, 'cause I never loved her to leave but to live

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