Thabang kgwatalala

Biography of Thabang kgwatalala

I'm tall and shy. But it doesn't mean that I always hide myself from the world. I'm not that talkative, but I talk with people. I'm good at keeping secrets and always doing the best for others first. I usually put myself last. I'm always concerned about people than myself. The reason why I don't talk too much is because I'm afraid that I'll say something that'll hurt their feelings. I could be a life smart since I love to think about life and people Updates

Tearing apart....

Forgive me for tearing apart when you feel so incomplete
I try to be strong and weak I feel when I know your unpleasant situation
Please understand that your cry is my tear
Your worry chases away my smile.
Believe me when I say...
When part of you is functioning not so well, I'm also affected
Because we are one.
Your happiness is my excitement
Your joy creates my everyday smile

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