Tarrakkul the Gazzele

(25, October,1996)

Poems of Tarrakkul the Gazzele

1. Happy Confusion 3/11/2012
2. My Life, I Lay You Down 5/1/2013
3. My Yearning, My Hope 3/7/2012
4. Season Haikus 5/1/2013
5. The Flame that Wandered 10/31/2012
6. The Sending Of The Holy Book 3/7/2012
7. This Fall 10/29/2012
8. To My Yet Unknown Love 3/7/2012
9. To The Same Boy 3/7/2012
10. Whispers Of Hope 3/7/2012

Whispers Of Hope

What? What?
What does this world hold for us, my love?
This feeling inside me,
it tells me we were made for more,
dance, the moonlight on your face brings peace,
the music plays,
in a moment, we are flying
run with me! Run with me my love!
dance over this world,

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