Sangnam Nam

Rookie - 33 Points (March 29,1959)

Winter Is Going Away - Poem by Sangnam Nam

The frozen streams on the mountains
say the winter is going away
for the brooks began flowing
under the thick ice plate
that covered the streams
I and brothers two of them
were running around the mountain slopes
to hunt the rabbits and there was a rabbit
just passed by and we ran after him
but he was so fast that we couldn't catch him
while that was taking place I noticed
a crow frozen on the ground quiet
and I saw him silently sleeping
under the newspaper he was hiding himself under
I thought that was a real crow
and approached with no sound
only to find the empty newspaper roll
that looked like a crow
so empty handed we were
with no games caught for that day
Last Christmas I sent my ex
the fur mufflers made of rabbit fur
and he now advocates the animal rights
and says so many animals are being killed
for men's everyday uses
like shoes, gloves, mufflers, bags, belts
and some other decorations
He waters his yard everyday
but sees some birds blinking their eyes
at him which he gladly watches and observes
and gave me the permission to write about
them and their eyes
Those eyes were like us the two
who were putting each others' eyes
onto one another
the eyes met and he was on me and I
under him who looked into my eyes
to see what is inside of me
what I see with those eyes
now the birds' eyes are blinking at him
he I am sure keeps them in the yard
for he keeps the trees and bushes
for the birds to come and nest
Every morning I could hear the birds chirp
and sing to wake up on those sounds
wherever the trees and the bushes are
there were birds building nests
and mating to make more babies
He keeps the birds protected from the
wild cats who might eat the birds or the eggs
by building nests for the newly arrived birds
so that keeps the cats from the little birds
that give him the look on him every morning
he comes out to water the plants and the trees
Would he wear the rabbits fur mufflers
knowing that it was the rabbit who was sacrificed
for making of the mufflers?
They were to be killed to be made of a mufflers
the rabbit-fur mufflers
I hope people do what the native Americans do;
do use the proper amount of meat or fur of animals
who they treat as friends who share their
bodies and fur
and the native tribal people say 'Thank you.'
to the dead animals who gave them meat
and fur but there aren't many to be killed
and so the number of the animals sacrificed
are very few and that is how we go about
getting the meat and fur
not like those hunters who ruthlessly
kill off all species of animals for money
not for their daily use
what if some super-intelligent species show up from the space
and hunt us the humans for their use of our body meat and skin
by bombing the earth and killing off all humans that they
extinct in the end
who will be to blame?
But these hunters prey games with the permission
from the local government and kill off
many animals who are now almost extinct
building a nest for the small birds was a small
act of compassion towards these birds
but how many will do those kind actions to the animals
who are there at the service of humanity
by giving their meat and fur and skin etc.
They don't eat us nor skin off of our bodies
for their daily use
so why do we?
8: 53 pm
(February 7,2013) Korea-Japan Time
So we missed the rabbit who ran away from us
and I couldn't find the newspaper bundle as a sleeping crow
was my mistake to think it was a crow
The snow kept falling on the mountains and
brothers are still chasing the run-away rabbit
but I now want to approach the stream
still frozen though it is almost over the Winter, I mean
and there will be time for the stream water to flow
freely in the stream brook
but now I have this vision that a thirsty wolf
might have come to this frozen stream
not able to find water to drink and stood there
with no movement and then I have to console him
to wait till the Spring come and the thawed out brook will
let the water flow so he can quench his thirst
but there was no wolf the thirsty one
but me and the snow flakes and the frozen stream
in front of me
brothers' shouting sound was heard from the distant places
I wished Spring be there soon
Yes, that will be nice to see mountain snow melt away
and buds on the tree branches come out
and fill them with flowers in different colors
and village wives of good husbands will come to the
mountains to pick the redfern plants edible for their
daily meal time
and yet the Winter is still here and the frozen brook
is still covered with ice and at night in my nightmares
I might come to this stream to meet the thirsty wolf
and return home untouched by the wolf
for there will be moon and stars which will lighten the stream
and the brook will flow the water the wolf so needs
But I haven't gone back to the mountains and the stream
though in my dreams the wolf once in a while visits the stream
whenever he gets thirsty
and will remember me praying
that he will drink the stream water during the day and night
whenever he gets thirsty
and will never harm me nor attack me
for I wished the best for him
After the winter break is over
I will have to return to school
and miss the mountain rabbits and the wolf
and the brook flowing with the Spring water,
or maybe all these will go away from my mind
so busy to make my life more honorable
and succeed in this wild world,
but the Winter mountains are still covered with snow and
the animals are still running around the slopes
looking for something to eat
while we humans are chasing them for their meat and fur.
9: 11 pm
(February 7,2013) Korea-Japan Time

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