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If You Die Before Me - Poem by Dr. Antony Theodore

If you die before me
I would jump down into your grave
and hug you so innocently
that angels will become jealous.

I shall kiss you.
So intimately shall I kiss you
that your breath becomes mine.
In one breath of love shall
we merge into hugs of true joy.

Your heart shall beat
in rhythms unheard
like the drums of the desert
and the wild forest in the night.

You shall murmur in my ears:
'Oh press me to your chest;
Tear open your chest,
Make way for me
to enter into your loving heart
that beats only for me in resounding colors.

Tell me please Oh my lover
Is it a rainbow that I see?
or the glow of a burning pyre?
Why is it that I cannot utter it in words?
Tell me glorious angels of love:
What am I experiencing in uncountable
moments of indescribable inner comfort?

Shivering in your presence
I shall long to dance with you.

If the dark souls lead you to Hades
I will dance and dance with you
even in the nether world.

We shall dance soft and then wild.
We shall dance together
as one body and soul
and break the fetters of hell
through love that emanates from our dance.

Dance so long and fine like a poem
until the Lords of the dark would faint.

Breaking the fetters of Hades
the white angels attired in beauty
shall fly down to pick you up on golden cradles
and carry you to the world of God.

So you will be free and fly away
from me into the world of the heavens
where angels shall kiss your sacred body.
You will be attired in gold and white
and in varied colors in tune
with the flowers of heaven.

Then you need no space to live and breathe.

Into that world of purity you will go
and I will be here on earth
dreaming of your joys with
the Heavenly spirits.

Shall I wait?

Shall I wait at dusk and dawn
in sobs and a heaving heart
with such desire and passion
to reach you one day
in your world of happiness.

(It is the belief that once your lady love dies before you, she has to go to the Hades and there she has to dance so fiercely and lovingly to make the Lords of Darkness faint and then she shall be free from the chains of hell.
Here the living lover is ready to go to hell to dance with her most fiercely and save her from the hell)

Topic(s) of this poem: love

Comments about If You Die Before Me by Dr. Antony Theodore

  • (5/26/2017 3:13:00 PM)

    Great piece. Its definitively a very strong poem. It uses strong images, feelings, and delves deeply into mythology. Undoubtedly beautiful. Full of details, lovely verses... Just amazing. Great job. (Report) Reply

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  • (5/26/2017 4:07:00 AM)

    Report mid=5677285
    A great love poem I ever read Already Reported Reply

    Joe Baines Joe Baines (5/26/2017 5:45:00 AM)

    look mate, don't want to bust your bubble but its just a wee bit shit

  • (5/25/2017 2:38:00 AM)

    Beautifully written! I felt your heart as I was reading. Lovely poem! (Report) Reply

  • Daniel Y. (5/24/2017 3:59:00 PM)

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    Much of its references to hades and the jealousy of the heavens is reminiscent of Annabelle Lee. Best line: tell me glorious angels of love. It is curious, is the angel a word of protection, a song of hope, or a cry which does not know whether it is laughing? This is for me, on the first glance of this poem, a poem within the poem, perhaps something of a heart or mind. Its hidden inside. It is these kinds of oddities which I think are the essence of poetry, or rather of essence itself. The subtle shift of a noun into a verb marks the intransversable space of the ineffable. The poem is magnificent on its own. I might develop it further along these lines... Already Reported Reply

  • Besma Dziri (5/24/2017 12:10:00 PM)

    A poem is always a state of life, mind, heart, love, soul... You made the reader a part of your celebration and union with your beloved. Death is no longer appaling. In the realm of poetry everything is different. The poet creates a world within a world, a vision within a vision. The poet is powerful, a master of language, thought, imagination, imagery. Unique and impressive. I like your poem. (Report) Reply

  • (5/23/2017 12:04:00 PM)

    it is a love that most would die for to have, and if there was a choice to be made one would choose to die with their lover rather than live without, .... Nicely written, and for those whom have loved so deeply, as this poem, your words will hit home........ (Report) Reply

  • Ezekiel Geoffrey (5/21/2017 7:19:00 PM)

    so thought provoking and tempered with subtle words of love rather romance. very good one (Report) Reply

  • (5/21/2017 11:02:00 AM)

    This is a great love poem. (Report) Reply

  • Darwin Henry Beuning (5/20/2017 8:00:00 AM)

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    Antony, Lovely poem! ! I rate a 10. Already Reported Reply

  • Pratham Goyal (5/20/2017 5:44:00 AM)

    Awesome poem sir.. Shall i wait? ? Just loved it (Report) Reply

  • Sheldon Carruthers (5/19/2017 7:17:00 AM)

    very emotive. love surviving death (Report) Reply

  • Samantha Gaio (5/17/2017 1:01:00 PM)

    Simply beautiful! I really like it! (Report) Reply

  • Anzelyne Shideshe (5/16/2017 9:04:00 PM)

    Report mid=5677285
    Love and it's essence well expressed! Another great piece. Already Reported Reply

  • (5/16/2017 6:33:00 AM)

    wonderful poem of unyielding love. be blessed in your writing Mr Poet (Report) Reply

  • Salaj Kumar (5/16/2017 6:00:00 AM)

    Sach a wonderful poem, Every sentence full of feeling and emotions, Nice written sir. (Report) Reply

  • Rahad Abir (5/15/2017 10:41:00 PM)

    ''Shall I wait at dusk and dawn
    in sobs and a heaving heart
    with such desire and passion
    to reach you one day
    in your world of happiness.''

    Hope she doesn't die before you.
    (Report) Reply

  • Loppo Louie (5/15/2017 12:45:00 PM)

    Another great poem there. (Report) Reply

  • Sheldon Carruthers (5/14/2017 5:09:00 PM)

    Report mid=5677285
    Conjured up some powerful emotions. Written with much feeling. Thankyou Already Reported Reply

  • Darkpoette - (5/14/2017 4:57:00 PM)

    Omh this is awesome this poem. Keep writing! ! ! :) (Report) Reply

  • (5/14/2017 12:27:00 PM)

    Interesting Poem Dr Antony Theodore
    Heart touching
    (Report) Reply

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