Lilly Emery

To Be Alone / Dark Angel - Poem by Lilly Emery

To Be Alone / Dark Angel

To be alone so alone can make one feel so I'll
The trouble is not some much being alone
It's being lonely out in the rain with out someone
To hold your hand to say everything will be okay
To many night of crying, wishing this emptiness
Would go away.
To many nights of lies and the pains of Dark Angels
Ways, I want to stop listening to him, But it is now
A nasty craving of all his words, One day I'll soon be over you,
To many nights alone, Sitting here in the dark in the pouring rain.
One can be lonely in the midst of a crowd, don't you think?
But being alone day and night cold with nothing to call your
Own can get so very lonely and sick
Tender words from a lovers lips is something I will always crave
This hunger come as often as the sun's eclipse
And every rain drop has a name of my pains
I wish I could dance again, Feel what true love is
All I can do is dream, Dream is a thing I could do
No more cuddling, no more snuggling, No more no more
I just have to cry I can't explain all my pains that run within me
Your reason of be trail Dark Angel is a life I never wanted
My love for you was not dead like this
What we have is becoming old, cold and frail,
To many nights of crying why you are putting me through hell
To many nights of your nasty lies.
Dark Angel looks deep at me with his soulless eyes moving warily
A dangerous predator scenting danger, He inhaled deeply, closing
His mind instantly, while all senses flared out to locate the intruder
That is coming near me powerful is he Dark Angel watching over
Me in everything I do No one could approach me without getting hurt
This I had to learn I found this so hard for me to dial with,
I need a friend to talk to. Sometimes I go into the mountains and stay by
Myself for day'sBeing alone is a punishment of Dark Angel.

Lilly Emery (c)

Form: Limerick

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Poem Submitted: Friday, May 29, 2015

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