Treasure Island

Laijon Liu

(06/27/1975 / Dalian, China)

Poetry: Thru Wormhole Into Blackhole

Dream is a white beam into dark space

grave stones know our names
flames lust for our body
grievance must get on its journey
to fill this immense universe

somewhere guitar strings still vibrate
rippling piano keys keep echoing
us and the past scatter in darkness
stars dust everywhere

Yes, I do believe fairytale
because it drives me to climax

but please take off your sunglasses
when you are on top of me
I want to see your eyes

I like to play chess, do you?
Chinese chess pins all its pieces
on the spots of crossing lines,
Western chess let each piece share
equal square of its space.

I know pain does not kill me
I've learned to endure
and be numb

this vessel is filled with germs and virus
but I look calm and carry on

Earth used to be a sapphire jewel
But now it's just a speck on canvas

Cheap labor, cheap material
Today, we call it competitiveness

Leeches, parasites
I despise them all

But I do respect them on one aspect:
They can work in unity

I think I still dream, do you?
Is my question too heavy on your heart?

I keep singing the old songs
'I want to change the world~'
my hands massage my dead crotch non-stop.

*Lyric adapt from 'I'd love to change the world'

China is a refurbished vase in fresh paint
it's sold as new, as all its product 'made'

like the truth we've been told everyday
we all know the meaning of fiction and non-fiction
but no one can tell the difference.

People are too serious about what they believe
like Milky Way won't collide with Andromeda

but I believe poetry and beverage
both make me loose and blurry
remind me this world is insensible

atoms and electrons combine
structured hydrogen, oxygen and carbon

circling lights pass thru a wormhole
become a solitary mass:
cells, sperms, eggs

chubby cuddly babies, muscular heroic nude
caressed by fingertips and raindrops
then offered to a marble alter

eroding wind softly sings

mirror reflects an image
pale wall conveys meditation and imagination

icy snow weighs down red roses
crows hovering above well

you've never been bitten by a flamboyant snake
you've never been mauled by a ferocious lion

as a survivor I can tell you
I don't stereotype animals by their nature
but their similar culture still creeps me out

I assume monkeys do not play tricks
they don't possess our skills
of making a rope or start a fire

with all our technologies and survival device
we've built cities more than jungles
but why we are still naked and afraid?

they pay you ice cream money but demand for a cake;
they pay you minimum one time delivery fee
but you must lift up a box for 500 times;
they ask you to join their no-pay internship
so you can gain more practical experience for future…
we all know the names of their business:
global corporations, small business and brothels.

Ancient Chinese wisdom were
Confucius and Book of 300 Odes;
Modern Chinese wisdom are
Art of War and 36 Stratagems
That's how gentlemen become ravenous wolves

If I see wolves, I know RUN! is the best choice.

I often watch Charlie Rose Interviews
A poet must learn the world from business perspective

Successful corporal CEOs and politicians in suit
take turn to propagate their ideas and visions

Yadi yada, blah, blah…
Yeah, I see mosquitoes scanning for a blood pool
and a bedbug climbing into full moon

Do you think cockroaches consider themselves as cockroach?
They eat, swarm, mate, and migrate like us, countless.

I sprayed them with 91% Isopropyl
and they struggled and crawled til dead on the stove

I think they can also feel pain like we do
but they don't bear debt, tax,
and have no low wage and high competition problems.

Children of the world-

Pull dolls sit and learn in classrooms
Work force in mines and factories
Strong and brave freedom fighters
Human shields, prostitutes, and refugees…
the list of their names goes on

Often I wonder
maybe all of the world problems
are caused by bad parenting.

I'm running out of patience
I couldn't care less
about building subtle verse or suspense

I'd prefer a more direct approach
It exerts more power
and saves us time and energy.

long ivory elephant teeth
for beautiful carving art pieces,
mythical healing power
of rhino horns and tiger bones,
curling, bend up, twisted
shapes of tortured living branches…

Ah, our tradition is so primitive

I want to wear a human skull necklace
and pour a bowl of infant blood
to call back the visions:
the agonizing call of an elephant calf,
and marathon romance of gentle bulls.

Business for the cavemen
is to exchange what they need;
Business for corporal bosses
that they trade for their greed.

America, you land of free
you are beautiful and bountiful!
you fought away the British king,
but you sill slave in a capitalist's neck ring!

You spend 2 days planning your Halloween costume
those comic heroes or princess dresses in fairytales
You don't need to prepare a speech about yourself
just knock on the door and say 'trick-or-trade'

I wish job interviews can be simple as that
4 year college prepares you to speak as a field journalist
business suit and leather shoes wrapped you like sardine can
and if you were lucky, your wage could afford Walmart candies.

I never skip career advice articles on the news media websites

The college degrees won't help you to land a job:
Fine Art
Ar chaeology

The college degrees will help you to live easily:
Business Management
Software Program

See kids, the future is designed for house slaves and robots.

Billionaires, they are considered as successful people
often give graduation speech
respond young people letters with their career life advice
and act like saviors of our economy
so I pen down advice to billionaires:

1) Give a raise to all your employees,
they deserve fair payment.
2) Shut up giving advice to young people,
remember, you are a bad role model!

My new thoughts on poetry:
It begins with splash of powerful emotion
and distilled a few drops of meditation
finally arrives at serenity and silence.

So poets do not die, they simply return to quietness.

home to most people is a safe room
it shelters them from this chaotic society

but some homes are dark torture chambers
that showcase tragedy on stage every night

abusive father and ignorant mom reign
their kids to play the usual victim roles

altercations are their daily scripts
highlights of martial art fists and kicks

so teenage kids run away from danger
hang out with friends in the street corners

Mozart cannot overpower gangster rap
lessons under street lamp train boys to be a men

prison, deals gone bad, or shot by cop
news repeats itself in a same storyline:

teenage kids out at night running,
running, running till dead by gunshots

no afterschool programs or night classes to save them
nearby churches are closed, no place to hide or to run.

*Children are punished for their parents' irresponsibility
and police's job is to apprehend criminal by force
only teachers and social workers can save our kids
but school and help sessions are M-F 9am-4pm.

Racism dresses in all kind of skin color
to protect its organs of fundamental belief

ignorance, interests and profit distribution
among those easily identified social groups

deserted land of native, white trash trailer park
laundry men in Chinatown, black kids crossing street

they always walk ahead of us, block our traffic
shape their class warfare into an ethnic conflict

Have you ever had following sensations at workplace?

you bulge your eyes to swallow and suffocate
you act calm and try not to moan, O that bellyful ache!
you frown and endure that constant pain in the ass

and there's a bulletin of dos and donts hanging on the wall:

Don't ask for a proper recompense
Don't compare to other job places
Don't say: 'Those Are Not My Job.'

that's how they run business model today
turn employees to soldiers and sex slaves
that's how we've all got that thousand-yard stare.

Can you get a good full night sleep nowadays?
Most of us can't, insomnia caused by stresses

past due bills, unpaid debts, project deadlines,
low income, rising prices, still looking for a job?

and other part world: rocket shots, bombs explode
corruptions, inflations, incursions, spread of infections...

TV news shows you some edited video highlights
and reports the numbers of dead; noise, death is part of living

I bet you want to move your family to a mountain
be a hermit, grow your own organic food, enjoy peace

but the property price and tax are pumped up so high
the global warning and gas corps drilling amok...

finally you somehow find a secluded jungle
become a good neighbor of monkeys

and you will hear them all day calling and fighting
for trees and branches, for fruits and mates

it's been that way since the beginning, for 30 million years
they just won't get along; oh! A good night sleep is luxury.

Ecology: in Greek, a study of house;
in Chinese, a beautiful garden of balanced elements

mountains, rivers, streams and plants we maintain
so we can calculate seasons and winds in our heart

shoot some rabbits to keep the pasture green
drive away wolves to protect deer population

neuter pets, contraception, double condoms...
we've invented so many ways to control our numbers

But in these shark and whale infested waters
the primary consumers will never prosper.

longing, yearning, uncontrollable urges
we are so addicted and attached to illusions

current living, to a few is a slow torturing death
so poets say suicide is art; many forage like stray dogs

cigarette, steak, scotch, shape of women's ass
young men glide their floating years in white bubbles

scientists staring into telescope and microscope
like our kids glue their eyes to video game tv screens

new release of brand name gadgets and social apps
wired our heads, so we all prisoners of our own device

love for poetry screwed my career and wallet
O Soccer! My fractured tendons never heal

money, power, nation pride and religious superiority
vain values are so realistic that drive us like demons

they force us to chant, to behead, to be martyrs...
humanity is a herd of howling pigs running off cliffs

Song of White Bones

I am one and many
I supported you and Earth
our affair is but a moment
before I lie with the soil

My bleached body
tested by iron and fire
scatters mysteries of the past,
floating sand rubs my ribs

grass sprouts out of my skull
and streams bathe my spine
O, be gentle, you combat boots
do not crush my memories.

Law of Nature

Lions rule buffaloes
tigers prey on deer
wolves kill sheep
eagles catch cranes

the world is constructed by
rulers and commons
masters and servants
kings and their slaves

emperors and their royals
are beneficiaries of kingdoms
voted presidents and senators
are servants of our real rulers

truth is eternal, value eternal
only name and label change
only one clue leads to Minotaur and exit:
Follow the money.

Vantage Points

At night,
a man walks his dog in Capitol Hill Folger Park.

He tosses a tennis ball,
his dog chases, nibs it
and runs back to him wagging its tail.

He says: 'Good Dog! '
and takes the ball, tosses it again.
After a few rounds,
he feeds his dog a piece of beef jerky and continues.

Men own dogs for many reasons
friendship, loyalty, fun gaming
or hunting ability of their legs and teeth;
but dogs see all our tasks as collaboration.

Dream is a word gets you there
dream is a word draws us here
but you know sometimes
that words have two, many meanings

you see a sign on the wall
and its glitters all in gold
but once you've climbed the unending stairway
you'll see the heaven door is closed

misgiven thoughts, two pathways intertwined
one leads to a dense fog, another to a lifeless pond
fish float in bubbles, toads blow pink smoke
I can only stare and wonder, ponder and laugh

Oh, I so want to be a soldier
fighting like you, like all of us
been fighting for so long
feel that moment of thrill
let go that sudden rush
capture trophies, tripods and young maids...
quit holding my small dick
watching the porn queen gets fucked.

*Dream is the most powerful brand name Word ever in every human culture, it contains most magical magnetic property in its meaning, it foretells dynasty and individual's fate in past, and leads young men to sacrifice their life and gets young women to lie in our bed. It gives us hope, satisfies our undying desire, redefines mundane illusions to concrete beliefs, and transcends our life value beyond all human sufferings. Beware of Dreams; Beware to Dream.

Submitted: Saturday, August 09, 2014
Edited: Monday, September 15, 2014

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