Lilly Emery

Do You Feel Me? Dark Angel - Poem by Lilly Emery

Do You Feel Me? Dark Angel

Dream oh dreams my heart is lost in you,
Do you feel what I can do?
Dark Angel why did you walk away when
You finely had me under your spell?
I fall from the darken sky with you in mind,
looming over me a shadow I know so well
Offer me an inviting hand that gets me to bend,
Let me reach out to you and tell you what I need to,
But you run to someone other them me to please,
Do you feel me? I'm holding on to nothing not
Even you, My cry's are like raindrops from the
Darken sky that never miss a spot on darken land,
You have me under your spell but why?
I can feel the warmth that once was my friend,
All I have now is cold hands,
You taken me from the start even when I didn't
Want you, Looking around stalking the ground
Of my home when I was all alone,
Only you Dark Angel could be so evil to do the wrong
We embrace passionately in a rain dance kiss,
We melt into each others arms for hours until dawn,
The darkest moments of my last of my life,
Was you taken me when I didn't want you too,
My cares take to flight do you hear them?
My heart starts to soar
when I hear you whisper the words I will always love you
You are my one and true girl, 'I need you....'
That made me cry rivers but now it becomes sea's when you
Left me to take care of my own,
I need you too love me and set me free please you don't
Need me! Two souls become one in a realm no one can venture
Dark angel my sweet dark angel set me free,
Give me your fatal silver kiss, and let me end,
let me be in the grave were I belong.

Lilly Emery (c)

Form: Limerick

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Poem Submitted: Friday, May 29, 2015

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