norman ayres

Poems of norman ayres

1. All I've Got 4/19/2013
2. Beauty be compared 4/19/2013
3. Don't know what to do. 4/19/2013
4. Have'nt happend yet. 4/19/2013
5. Her beauty 2/2/2013
6. Her face i'll always see. 4/19/2013
7. I refuse to go. 4/19/2013
8. I Will Always Stay 4/19/2013
9. Light 5/8/2013
10. My love for her 5/8/2013
11. Ten fold that of hell 5/8/2013
12. When you're gone 5/8/2013
13. Will Never Sway 4/19/2013

Ten fold that of hell

Her skin as firm and gentle as an alabaster sky,
such perfection in one person, i cant help but wonder why.

why the gods would put so much beauty in a woman oh so fair,
shes as wondrous as could be, right down to her fiery hair.

she encompasses my fondest dreams i have throughout the day,
but her ghost is also filling up my nightmares the same way.

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