Noreen Carden

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Noreen Carden Poems

1. Heart And Soul Revised 11/3/2013
2. The Person We See 8/31/2013
3. Life A Journey 9/25/2013
4. Harvest Moon 9/4/2013
5. Children Of War 1/12/2014
6. Goodbye My Son 9/25/2014
7. Used T O Be 11/11/2014
8. Bye Bye Baby 9/1/2013
9. Heart Of Ice 11/26/2013
10. Love Undone 9/19/2013
11. Forgotten Prayer 11/27/2014
12. Two Souls On The Shore 9/3/2013
13. Vision In The Night Revised 9/12/2013
14. The Night Of The Star 12/3/2013
15. Whispers Of Hate 2/12/2014
16. Watercolour Dawn 10/20/2013
17. Remembering The Brave 9/10/2013
18. Mist And Legend 9/17/2013
19. Hope 1/27/2014
20. Lost Summer Song 3/3/2015
21. Afterwards 6/12/2014
22. Lifeline 3/27/2014
23. Word Dance 6/4/2014
24. The Disappeared 3/31/2014
25. Letting Go 7/7/2014
26. Shade And Light 3/24/2015
27. Bogland 11/10/2014
28. Free Will 6/12/2014
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Heart And Soul Revised

A heart can break without a sound.
A tear can fall to hit the ground.
No one standing near can tell.
There's not a sign to break the spell.
A soul can shatter separate.
still leave the body standing straight.
The outer shell can smile and talk.
While the soul is on its lonely walk.

Bereft of light and peace it flies
Its quest to reach towards the sky.
Blackness holds it fast in space.
Forever locked in time and place.
Just one touch of human hand
can raise that soul to reach for light
Then mend the heart its hope revive.
To lift its wing's to ...

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The Person We See

Grey wispy hair pokes through her hat
Waddling homeward on worn down heels
Carrying bags that hit and bump
on legs as they hurry through city streets

Sitting alone in her cold flat
She dreams by the fire of days long gone
When she was looked at not just seen
When she was pretty and young and strong

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