Farrukh Ahmad

(10 June 1918 - 19 October 1974 / Magura / Bangladesh)

Farrukh Ahmad Poems

1. Acquaintance 3/23/2012
2. I Shall Wake You Up 3/23/2012
3. To My Poem 3/23/2012
4. To The Poet 3/23/2012
5. The Train 3/23/2012
6. Dejection 3/23/2012
7. From &Quot;Naufel And Hatem&Quot; 3/23/2012
8. The Mind 3/23/2012
9. The Background 3/23/2012
10. I Called Her In That Name 3/23/2012
11. The Youth-Brigade 3/23/2012
12. The Vultures 3/23/2012
13. From 'Dilruba' 5th Canto, No 6 3/23/2012
14. In The Coming Winter 3/23/2012
15. From Outside Of The Cradle 3/23/2012
16. Son Of Man 3/23/2012
17. Night At Kanchra Para 3/23/2012
18. The Brilliant Lamp: Muhammad Mustafa (S.M.) 3/23/2012
19. In The Meadow Of Mainamoti: 3 3/23/2012
20. Dahuk 3/23/2012
21. An Atheist's Prayer : His Confession 3/23/2012
22. The Dead-Body 3/23/2012
23. A Moment's Poem 3/23/2012
24. Personal Explanation 3/23/2012
25. Punjeri (The Navigator) 3/23/2012
26. The Whistle Of The Magpie Robin 3/23/2012
27. The Sailor Of The Seven Seas 3/23/2012
Best Poem of Farrukh Ahmad

The Sailor Of The Seven Seas

I don't know how many black curtains had to be raised to bring this morning.
The green leaves shiver in the orange grove.
The seven seas' tide has brought foam on your door-steps.
O Sailor of the seven seas, see, your ship calls at your door,
A still-life, like a picture it stands there.
No water reaches the helm, its sails do not flutter,
O Sailor, I entreat you, rise up,
You rise up and join the seamen,
You will find your ship sailing again in the seas,
Like a full-moon in the blue seas
Braving cloudy waves and crossing all obstacles.
Now you rise up, ...

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To My Poem

Once again you open wide your window,
Let starry light fall on the cobweb of thought,
Let the wounded mind rise with your measure and rhyme,
Come once to this world beset with dilemma

I have never denied earthly needs,
(But remember : no escapism,
One who can easily get the hectic flush of joy
Never finds the road to struggle closed).

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