Sudais Green

(13/09/1993 / Kumasi, Ghana)

Poems of Sudais Green

1. A new day 4/22/2013
2. Monsters Against One 1/25/2014
3. Mother 4/22/2013
4. Rain 4/26/2013
5. The Blessed Month Of Ramadan 6/24/2014
6. The day I expire (part one) -new- 7/19/2014

A new day

The night has elapsed, the beautiful morning has taken it's position.
As it blows it's fresh and relaxing breeze on the skin of man, showers it's dew on leaves and plants alike,
from it the bright day emanates, with the sun up above the sky, with it's rays piercing through the ozone towards the earth;
from this, the sun sets to bring a thin darkness, as the seconds continue to counts, so, the thickness and density of the darkness increases
finally, there comes another night once again with

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