Songs About / On: EMPTY

In this page, songs on / about “empty” are listed.
  • 1.
    Empty Sky

    I woke up this morning
    I could barely breathe
    Just an empty impression
    In the bed there you used to be
    I want a kiss from your lips
    I want an eye for an eye
    I woke up this morning to an empty sky read more »

    Bruce Springsteen
  • 2.
    Empty Glasses

    Empty glasses
    Empty glasses
    There’s just ice cubes
    There’s just ice cubes
    Where’s the waitress? !?
    Where’s the waitress? !?
    Where’s my other shoe? !?
    Where’s my other shoe? !? read more »

  • 3.
    Talk About The Passion

    read more »

    R. E. M.
  • 4.

    I got a TARDIS inside me
    Hold all the water in the sea
    Every good thing ever made
    Still would room left
    But right now it's empty read more »

  • 5.
    Empty City

    Empty city, it's calling your name
    Wheel of fortune, sucking you into the game
    It's a fatal attraction, that pulls you like a moth to the flame
    Empty city, sitting waiting in the hills
    Babylonian, promising all kinds of thrills read more »

  • 6.
    Gift From Heaven

    I am nothing, I am love
    I am hate, hate my love, love my hate
    I am empty, but i'm hopeful
    I can see, and i'm fearful
    I am nothing, feel like everything read more »

  • 7.
    Sweat And Sour

    I never knew... I never knew
    Sweat and sour sweet and empty
    Never knew how I felt till I tried
    Never knew what I felt 'till I cried
    Never knew what I could do 'till I lied lied lied read more »

  • 8.
    Empty World

    My world is empty, without you
    Sometimes I feel so empty, without you
    Without a soul to help me thru these dark and lonely days
    of wishing I could be more successful in my own ways
    I sleep so little again read more »

    Dogs Damour
  • 9.

    I looks outside and see that everything is perfect
    Except for me I’ll always be the one who sits and stares
    And now it’s killing me, it’s just killing me
    I feel so empty inside
    ’cause I’m a freak in your eyes read more »

  • 10.

    Maybe it’s been a little too long
    Holding it in, trying to be strong
    Funny the things we bottle up
    Come streaming out when you feel enough
    There is a trust the cautious will lack
    Now that we’ve touched, there’s no holding back read more »

    Terri Clark
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