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  • 1.
    I Hate It

    I hate how I loved you
    I hate how I felt
    I hate everything you said
    That made my heart melt

    I hate what you did
    I hate how I hurt
    I hate how you left me
    Alone to die in the dirt

    I hate how you said you loved me
    I hate that I thought it was true
    I hate that I let my wall down
    And let myself fall in love with you

    I hate how I was so stupid
    I hate that I fell so hard
    I hate how I let you in
    And watched you steal my heart

    I hate how much you put me through
    I hate how much I cried
    I hate that I don't understand
    Why you had to lie

    I hate how I try to hate you
    I hate it that I can't
    I hate it that I miss you
    Even though you don't

    I hate how I still love you
    I hate how I still care
    But most of all I hate it
    That you are no longer here read more »

  • 2.
    Six Six Six Revealed (repeating cycle) (Jul 7th,2004)

    Love brings war
    Love breeds hate
    Love births peace read more »

  • 3.
    But most of all...

    I hate that you changed.
    I hate that you’re the same.
    I hate that you left.
    I hate how you’ve stayed. read more »

  • 4.

    I hate myself for this
    I hate this person I've become
    I hate who I am and who I thought I would never be
    I hate my father for making me this way read more »

  • 5.
    I Hate...

    I hate,
    hate that I can't trust

    I hate, read more »

  • 6.
    I hate it when

    I hate the way you smile at me
    And how you make me freeze
    I hate the way you make me laugh
    I always was a tease read more »

    Rookie Amy
  • 7.
    I Hate You.

    I hate the way you dress
    I hate that you are a mess
    I hate your eyes
    I hate your lies. read more »

  • 8.

    The light went dim in the street of hate
    Another night falls It`s your fate
    Stage is set, come see the show
    Nail them up read more »

  • 9.
    I H@tE yOu! !

    I hate it when you spoil my day,
    I hate you when you walk away.
    I hate the way you look at me,
    I hate you when you say sorry. read more »

  • 10.
    A World Filled With Hate

    This world is filled with hate

    Hate against life
    Hate against your friends read more »

  • 11.
    I Hate Myself

    I hate that you fooled me
    With your infectios smile

    I hate that you told me you loved me read more »

  • 12.
    I hate you mean I love you

    Almost everyday.. everymorning.. everyafternoon.. everyevening.. everynight, I receive hates from whom i love. What a lovely colorfull hates comes to me! I enjoy them. Having touched by hates i become flared up and my blood cells dance with hands uplifted.

    Hates uncover me
    Hates inspire me read more »

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