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Poems About: HAPPINESS

In this page, poems on / about “happiness” are listed.
  • 1.
    Y..... Happiness

    I guess it was my aunty's fault
    That before I was six years old
    It were my looks that made me happy
    She just never stopped praising me read more »

    Aufie Zophy
  • 2.
    what happiness is

    is bliss

    happiness, read more »

    Sam Byron
  • 3.
    ♥ ♥ ..HapPiNeSs..♥ ♥

    HaPpIneSS Is HapPinESS

    HapPinEss MAkEs you wHispEr, read more »

    jade MOnteScLArOS
  • 4.


    Happiness uplifts you
    Happiness fills your heart, your mind, and your soul read more »

    maryam kazmi
  • 5.
    Inside my happiness

    Inside my happiness, there is nothing
    But happiness for me

    Inside my happiness, the colours are read more »

    maryam kazmi
  • 6.
    Eternal Absolute Happiness

    Absolute happiness
    Eternal absolute happiness
    I am hungry for this happiness read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 7.
    Happiness Is Not Comforts

    ‘Does Happiness depend upon comfort? ’
    The answer is definitely a big, ‘No! ’
    Happiness lies in not comforts alone!
    Happiness is not a static quality of the human mind, body and soul. read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 8.
    Peace And Happiness

    Money is indirectly proportionate to peace
    You do not surely become happy
    as you become rich. read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 9.

    How can I make you feel
    Always happy with me?
    Oh men, women, that man
    Without making myself read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 10.

    Happiness is being home again,
    Happiness is walking in the rain.
    Happiness is waking with no pain. read more »

    Juan Olivarez
  • 11.

    Happiness is when we fall in love
    with that one you know is right
    Happiness is that feeling we had
    when we learned to fly a kite read more »

    Roger Horsch
  • 12.
    Real Happiness

    Real Happiness-2

    Happiness lies in good health
    Not in accumulation of wealth read more »

    jameo calvert
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