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In this page, poems on / about “chicago” are listed.

New Chicago Poems

  1. In Search Of Americans, Joe Sadeghloo
  2. Oh, Rahm, Oh, Rahm Emmanuel, John F. McCullagh
  3. The Lovesong of Emmett Till (1996), Anthony Walton
  4. Crackling Again, Donal Mahoney
  5. People Who Live Above Stores, Donal Mahoney
  6. Lake Michigan, Kate Harrington
  7. To Conjure Up, Kevin Kiely
  8. Those Good Tomatoes, Donal Mahoney
  9. Caseworker Determining Eligibility, Donal Mahoney
  10. Caseworker: Yams and Plantain, Donal Mahoney
  11. The Copyreader, Donal Mahoney
  12. The Great Chicago Fire, Thomas Koron
  13. Cats At Their Bowls Lapping, Donal Mahoney
  14. Evening, Just Before Twilight, Esteban Arellano
  15. Shall I Compare She to A Chicago Winter, Lore Me34
  16. Snowy Owl - Lincoln Park Zoo, Ima Ryma
  17. Gentleman, Jaipal Singh
  18. The Skinny On Fatty's Cafe, Donal Mahoney
  19. Any Englishman To His Son, A. P. Herbert
  20. Whirls, Carl Sandburg
  21. Between Trayvon Shooting & Zimmerman Ver.., Luke Easter
  22. Making Rhythmic Memories, RoseAnn V. Shawiak
  23. Poor Humor, Lonnie Hicks
  24. The Doorman And The Dormouse, Ivo Cosentino
  25. Chicago, Morgan Michaels
  26. Lemon Underwear, Donal Mahoney
  27. Cub and Flub, Ima Ryma
  28. Bending, Grabbing, Sorting, Donal Mahoney
  29. Winter on Astor Street, Donal Mahoney
  30. Mixed Couple on the Morning Train, Donal Mahoney
  31. Rock n Roll, Moses Samandar
  32. Before I Sally Off, Donal Mahoney
  33. Chicago Dog, Ima Ryma
  34. An Irish Enclave,1956, Donal Mahoney
  35. Harvesting Pumpkins, Donal Mahoney
  36. 3-year old among 13 shot in Sanford Fla..., Luke Easter
  37. Elegy, oskar hansen
  38. Last Life, William Weiyi Marr
  39. Night Cruise On Lake Michigan, William Weiyi Marr
  40. Chicago Serenade, William Weiyi Marr
  41. Vietnam War Memorial, William Weiyi Marr
  42. Scene from Yom Kippur 1972, Donal Mahoney
  43. Savannah Belle, Donal Mahoney
  44. Kroid, Timothy Long
  45. My Chicago, Camille Rose Castillo
  46. Gunners Be Gone, Ima Ryma
  47. Chicago Teachers Union To March On Washi.., Luke Easter
  48. Baker & Mckenzie, Nicolas GRENIER
  49. George Zimmerman, 'Not Guilty' A Travest.., Luke Easter
  50. Chicago, Marissa Liebowitz
  51. Maku - Lincoln Park Zoo, Ima Ryma
  53. Trumpeter Swans - Lincoln Park Zoo, Ima Ryma
  54. Looking For A Girl Across The United Sta.., Nicolas GRENIER
  55. Armadillo Home, Donal Mahoney
  56. Drone Zone, Ima Ryma
  57. Alone Abroad, Ima Ryma
  58. Lady Goulds, Donal Mahoney
  59. Oh, The Hats, Connie Yost
  60. Stormy day, everette johnson
  61. Chicago, everette johnson
  62. One Old Gigolo Counsels Another, Donal Mahoney
  64. Black History Month, Alexander Downie
  65. Catullus Poem 58, An Original Adaptation.., STANLEY PACION
  66. Hadiya Pendleton, Chicago Honor Student,.., Luke Easter
  67. NBA standings, Sirius White
  68. Cuddle/Coddle n' Coolie, Dog goD 8Hate
  70. Leaving the Station, Donal Mahoney
  71. Fireflies and Summer Nights, Lonnie Hicks
  72. Poetry Magazines, Leslie Philibert
  73. Bag Lady, Donal Mahoney
  74. Coal Bins, Donal Mahoney
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