Sharon Jane Lansbury

Poems of Sharon Jane Lansbury

1. A Gruesome Discovery! 1/22/2014
2. Bed Bugs! 1/22/2014
3. Brian is Six 1/22/2014
4. Clarissa and Daughter 1/22/2014
5. Fatterpillar 1/22/2014
6. Felicity Flotsam 1/22/2014
7. Forget Me Knot 1/22/2014
8. Gloria Gets a Fright 1/22/2014
9. Henry Wilmer at the Dentist 1/22/2014
10. Instruction Manuals are Written for a Purpose 1/22/2014
11. Kind and Useful Slugs 1/22/2014
12. Lucy Dora Stuck in Flora 1/22/2014
13. Ooops Sorry! My Mistake! 1/22/2014
14. Polly Sprocket's New Hair-Do 1/22/2014
15. Relatively Slow 1/22/2014
16. Roof Garden 1/22/2014
17. Super Model Mouse 1/22/2014
18. The Greedy Centipede 1/22/2014
19. The Ladybirds Who Have No Spots 1/22/2014

Forget Me Knot

Michael is in trouble for he missed a crucial date.
His diary is not written in, his calendar’s a state,
and if it is your birthday, I think that you may find
that the happy day for Michael, is a blank space in his mind.

Alexander, a close friend of his, decided on a plan,
which he hoped would give young Michael an extended memory span:
‘With all the most important things you really need to spot
we’ll rally round and tie you into an enormous knot! ’

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