Littlewing28 PGW

No Sense In Love - Poem by Littlewing28 PGW

I received your note,
your suffering, your pain.
so i write to tell you
the only way, i know how,
What i felt were heavy drops of rain.

loneliness hit me
We're well acquainted,
past times of pain,
no need to explain.
does it make sense?
of course it did.
I understand myself,
therefore, I understood you.

What i see,
is a turning point,
therefore, i said,
don't worry, about it.
none of it matters..
what happened, happened,
and we all cope differently,
with life's situations.

There are two kinds of egotists,
those that admit it,
and the rest of us,
appreciation that you trusted,
in me,
to give it up.
I know how hard that can be,
there's not many men, i trust,
My justification, of why i'm alone,
but i'd rather live with that,
than be with the wrong one.

Rarely do humans communicate,
just take turns talking,
and i'm sorry mine's a novel,
and yours, a short story.
The bud of life explodes in me,
just want to give you some of,
the sweet.
So my dear friend, when i felt no smile,
my heart swelled, to give you mine,
Do you realise, how much i care for you?
Some friends stay for minutes, some linger through..
Somehow your different from the rest,
i recognise aspects of me in you,
a friend i respect, and be loyal too.
Thats how much, i miss of you.

So sorry, i'm not there,
to protect and comfort you.
All i can give is my time and heart,
And i hope that you,
feel it, too.

As your friend, I have to say this,
your stubborn to the core
Your pain is my pain,
I really, want to slap you!
If i had my way,
you'd be on the next plane,
to absorb the 'mauri'
that runs through our land.
Something, that is,
hard to explain.
The source is only,
felt through your veins..

So Let it go..
and make room for what's new,
Let go and by doing so,
gain freedom and breathing room.
The last thing to say,
is a question, i ask,
Why are men from mars?
and there's no reset button too.
I'm not even worried,
this will make any sense to you.
I hope you take my advice
and get your self down here,
where your mind, body and soul,
will find, it will heal.
We often talk about the world,
from where we sit,
And i gotta tell ya, straight up
its looking rather sick,
So do what you do,
because you do,
if your anything like me,
you'll listen to a tune,
and get lost in it too,
A puff of the magic dragon,
is sometimes what we do..
your find me in the song
right beside you.

Topic(s) of this poem: love and pain

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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