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My Gift To My Beloved - Poem by Cambridge Keenan

A warm, glow casted off the prisims of my chandier,
A floor spreading of rainbow pillows of variying sizes, shapes, and textures inviting allure...

... Arabian music, the oud, the kanjira, the nay flute, the taka,

Melding in harmony, sweetening the atmosphere,
There is a scent of paradise, pleasing to the soul....

Incense lifting up perfumes to enchant my beloved make his smile brighter.
Keener, more aware...He is well pleased.

Multi colored veils hug the walls, curtains, drapes of many fabrics,
Criss crossing the ceiling, ensuring a private party tent of delight.

My Betroved sits legs crossed, dressed in fine a robe and silken pajamas,
His head crowned and veiled with the finest linens and gems of Egypt,

His hands are graced with a Goblet of Gold,
He drinks from the very waters of the Nile...chilled wines refreshing his thirst,

Enhancing, and livening his spirit...
He dines on grapes of wrath and smiles at death,

Fearless, passionate, dizzy with delight.
I kneel at the entrace way...and Await his signal...

He is my Master,
I am his genie and obey his commands,

With a snap of his finger he calls me forth..
My ankels shackled with bells, my arms hold many braclets,

My my fingers are ringed with gold,
My head is dressed....a stunning fascinator clings on tight,

As ribbons hang longinly down from the crown of my head,
Stroking my middle back and tickeling my soul....

My costume is of the finest silk of Turkey,
Lyme green and royal blues blend together...

Beads drip from my bosums and tassles dangle there...
My hips are wrapped as a precious gift with over two hundred golden coins...

The music flows and I offer my talent to my Shiek...
Slow and saulty I remove the veil from my face and play with his eyes....

I draw him in with my gyrating hips and my rolling belly..
My pierced navel speaks to him of sweet mysteries from ancient times

He breathes in the story, inhailing hard, it over powers him...
Enchanted by the dance...he melts before my eyes,

His sturdy heart is racing and his hands reach for me...
I grace him with the Shieks kiss....

He is well pleased with his genie...
He whispers in my ear so softly,

So tenderly he holds me as a prized jewel...
I have offered finest gift

My belly my heart on fire,
Over flowing with every emotion known to man kind.

As he showers me with his great love and fondest affections,
We are Diviney connected...

Poet's Notes about The Poem

...................................... Cambridge Keenan July 1 201

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