Albot George

Kindergartan, - Poem by Albot George

If you ask me what do I think of you
I would tell you that I thought you are beautiful
And that I desire you, need you and that I crave you
That I'm just as obsessed with you now, as I have ever been
I still dream about you every second of every minute
I'm constantly thinking of what I want to do to you.
And that is one, of the most difficult things to come to terms with
Because sometime I just long for you
And I know I can't have you

But then when you are in one of your moods like today
And I know, you play with me when you say thing like
; go and do one ‘or I haven't got time for you today
To mess about, I've got to get this done?
But it's not what you say it's the way you say it

When you don't give me
Eye contact, that hurts so much
But you know that, so off I go then
Like a naughty little boy

And then it's a another day that is instantly ruined
And I or we' can never get that time back, it's gone.
I tell myself that life is to sort, but yet I still find myself
At that same time going past the same house
To see the same! (Sounds like a hitch)
And she's still playing me I'll make him go past
For at least three quarters of an hour tonight
But I want blow him a kiss
Because, this way. I know I'll
Make him feel guilty again because he didn't come back
To see me, before I went home, but did I want to see him anyway? ?
When I said that I haven't got time for you today,
He's going to be even more annoyed when he knows that I had, the time to give
Someone else a hug

But yet he still comes past the house what a love sick FOOL,
! ! ! I don't know it's about time he grew some! ! !
You know I think you are right! !
""So anything you can do, I can do better,
"" I can do anything better than you,

When it's good it's fantastic but when it's not
It's nothing that words can come close to
Night' night babe, take a deep breath
And close your eyes
I hope you can feel
My heart beating with yours
Com, on wrap yourself around me
Its Monday again
, , ,
i never know? ?

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Poem Submitted: Friday, March 15, 2013

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