Albot George

Hope You See This Today! ! ! Miss You'' - Poem by Albot George

Kiss or song

I’ll try to explain so you do understand
I need a (114 or 115 or 118 and they are
Not phone numbers,
Hope that has made it clear

I have missed you all of the time
But on some days more than,
I ever thought it could be possible
But seeing you tonight doesn’t ‘feel now
Like you been away
You was just on the wrong side of the glass
I really needed a snog, not a kiss
A good snog from you
I hope that if and when we do again
It will be as good as the feeling
You gave me by seeing you today
It just does not change the way I see you
Or feel about you’
Is it October yet?
Don’t why I said that’ as if I can wait that long
Want, need’ having you again hope that’s ok! !
Sooner rather than latter
I’m still in love with you, and I need you in my arms
I hope you still feel the same
Answers on a text post card takes too long

D, N, A

Is poetry the ability to wright and to put your emotion down
To create an image that two people can share
Just for them selves
It’s like now
Can you see me and what I’m doing
Can you picture me
When I’m writing for you, can you see and feel my finger

I thing for me it’s the way I can be close
To you when I’m missing you
Is are lives all about the memories we make
And the moments like this where I am thinking
Of you
And hope that you are thinking of me

I think being able to right things down as made missing you
Far worse because I don’t know what you’re thinking
You might not have seen any of this
So what you don’t see can’t hurt,
I love you
Because I’m splatted all over the walls
Does that mean I’ve been away with you
And would I need a passport for all off Albert’s
Talking of fish best go and have a shower

Remember me

Please don’t forget how it feels when my lips kiss yours
Please remember how it feels when my tongue
Enters your mouth with the wanton desire and passion
I want you to become breathless just by thinking about us
And what we have done, relive are times together
I wish I could make you feel
The frustration that I am going though

Now close your eye and
Imagine not knowing where I’m going to touch or caress you
I want you to feel my deepest need
I want you to picture me doing what I did for you
Now clean me up
Now clean me again
I needed to do this sorry! !
But it is what it is’’ and I’m definitely what you said I am
I love the feeling, like this when I’ve just finished

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 4, 2013

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