Natasha Elizabeth Beatrice Williams

Rookie (30/11/1994 / Birmingham)

Poems of Natasha Elizabeth Beatrice Williams

1. Am I right? 8/28/2013
2. Blow Me A Kiss 10/15/2012
3. Broken 2/28/2013
4. Drowning 10/6/2012
5. Forever 1/10/2013
6. Here In Your Arms 10/6/2012
7. How Can You See Me As Beautiful? 10/6/2012
8. How I've grown 10/6/2012
9. Inside Out 10/9/2012
10. Listen 10/6/2012
11. Memories 10/6/2012
12. Name it? 8/28/2013
13. Pictures Of You 10/6/2012
14. Pull 10/6/2012
15. TapTap. 8/28/2013
16. Trying 4/19/2013
17. Victoria Elizabeth Smith (30th September 2011,10.43pm) 10/6/2012
18. Welcome To The Mad House 10/6/2012
19. What You Don't Do. 11/20/2012


It's not easy y'know..
Looking inside to think that there's something in there.. hiding away..Just waiting for you to fall.
All it'll take is a few more blows..
It'll get what it wants. I can feel it inside. Digging away at it all.I'm trying. I'm not just sitting here sulking.
But you took things the wrong way, I didn't want to agrue.
I still don't. It makes me shake, like it feeds the thing lurking.
I found out why I'm like this. It took time..hours of sitting on a pew.
I'll build it up,

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