Natasha Elizabeth Beatrice Williams

Rookie (30/11/1994 / Birmingham)

Natasha Elizabeth Beatrice Williams Poems

1. Victoria Elizabeth Smith (30th September 2011,10.43pm) 10/6/2012
2. Blow Me A Kiss 10/15/2012
3. Drowning 10/6/2012
4. How Can You See Me As Beautiful? 10/6/2012
5. What You Don'T Do. 11/20/2012
6. Forever 1/10/2013
7. Broken 2/28/2013
8. Trying 4/19/2013
9. Am I Right? 8/28/2013
10. Name It? 8/28/2013
11. Taptap. 8/28/2013
12. Welcome To The Mad House 10/6/2012
13. Pull 10/6/2012
14. Here In Your Arms 10/6/2012
15. How I'Ve Grown 10/6/2012
16. Pictures Of You 10/6/2012
17. Memories 10/6/2012
18. Listen 10/6/2012
19. Inside Out 10/9/2012
Best Poem of Natasha Elizabeth Beatrice Williams

Victoria Elizabeth Smith (30th September 2011,10.43pm)

I held my breath and opened my eyes to look into the mirror.
I was scared, it was the first time doing this since you left.
I didn't look right, I didn't look like any kind of winner.
It was look the light from my eyes and soul had also left.
It wasn't that surprising. I just lost my kin.

I couldn't cry when you went away.
Had to keep all those emotions at bay.
I had to stay strong, everyone else needed me today.
Though seeing you there, the way you lay…
My heart broke, in every single type of way.

My breathing stopped, I plainly just forgot how.
The ...

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Welcome To The Mad House

Being mad, it's fun.
I'm mad, you better run.
Being mad, it's wonderful.
I'm mad, you will too fall.
Being mad, what a joy!

I sit here, alone, in the dark.
And here's me thinking, 'Boy, what a lark! '
This is nothing compared to what's inside my head.

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