Treasure Island

Blossom Mist

(24 February 1978 / India)

Poems of Blossom Mist

1. A Day's Affair 2/9/2013
2. A Handful Of Sky 3/9/2014
3. A Mask 10/20/2011
4. A Mom’s Delight 12/18/2011
5. A Night's Love 1/7/2012
6. A Surreal Tryst 2/20/2013
7. Christmas Light 1/8/2012
8. Dark Fantasy 4/10/2012
9. Desirable Fire? 3/12/2012
10. Eternally Apart 12/19/2011
11. Every Cloud has a Silver Lining. 11/28/2011
12. Fun 1/6/2012
13. Heavenly Desert 1/8/2012
14. I am Sorry for Loving you............ 2/12/2012
15. I Don't Know Why............... 12/16/2012
16. I Have A Dream 11/17/2011
17. Loneliness in me 5/10/2012
18. Love Song 3/3/2012
19. MileStone 10/20/2011
20. Murder By Ice 9/15/2012

I Have A Dream

I open my eyes and look up at the big blue sky.
I often wonder as I lull into a slumber, the dreams I have, the joys I shared.
When I was a kid I had a dream of a house with chocolate and cream, a genie with a lamp and a harp that sang.
Now, I am a bit older, I dream of bikes with bow ties and pigtails that could fly.
Then I dreamt of sailing to the moon, with a prince who made me swoon.
As I grew more, the dreams moved farther as sleep was less n work was harder.
Oh how I miss my dreams

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