Almedia Knight Oliver

Almedia Knight Oliver Poems

1. The Lottery 3/13/2009
2. I Hold These Random Thoughts 3/21/2009
3. Rubi's Art 3/21/2009
4. A Mother's Collection: Tissues, Bones, And Blood (First) 3/29/2009
5. A Mother's Collection: Tissues, Bones, And Blood '(Third) 3/29/2009
6. A Mother's Collection: Tissues, Bones, And Blood (Fourth) 3/29/2009
7. A Mother's Collection: Tissues, Bones, And Blood (Second) 3/29/2009
8. O Love In Your Conquest 4/4/2009
9. Remembering 'Joyce' 4/4/2009
10. Thinking About Us 4/4/2009
11. Sitting In The Shopping Mall Watching The World Pass By 4/5/2009
12. Mother Earth 1/27/2009
13. Love Is Every Where 2/19/2009
14. Gravity Of Love 2/19/2009
15. All Is Well With Your Soul 2/19/2009
16. Please Don'T Stop Loving Me When I'M Old 2/26/2009
17. I Am From... By Ilana A. Sabio 4/12/2009
18. Feet 4/25/2009
19. Cannibal 1/11/2009
20. Present From A Thief 5/1/2009
21. Mom Accordingly, You Are Loved 5/9/2009
22. Garden Center 5/18/2009
23. Love In The Rearview Mirror 5/29/2009
24. Set This Moment To Time 5/31/2009
25. Rustic Love 6/18/2009
26. Now I Ask You To Pick Me 6/18/2009
27. I Shall Dote Myself 6/10/2009
28. Highway 13 6/27/2009
29. Gazing Through Airplane's Pane 7/22/2009
30. A Mother's Choice 8/12/2009
31. Simple Truth Stands Along 8/14/2009
32. Measure For Measure 9/3/2009
33. Heart And Soul Of Love 9/5/2009
34. Time Tells Time 9/14/2009
35. Love's Life 7/31/2009
36. 'Time Tells Time' 2 Of 2 Of The Original 9/26/2009
37. Whose Truth? 10/1/2009
38. Ephemeral Love 11/22/2009
39. Turkey Strut: In Remembrance Of Thanksgiving 11/23/2009
40. Oh, How The Time Slips Away 11/28/2009
Best Poem of Almedia Knight Oliver

Man And His Dog

Here, here, here, Princess
My little puffball
My baby girl wants
a Christmas tree, yet
we can't have both, come
let me brush your silky mane
My, my, my girl!
May I manage the black streak
that waves your back?


Time is slowly gnawing away the years
that I can't hold back, nor the memories
Of when I was a tot
Depressingly, I'm not!
Don't howl girl, I feel your pains
Distressing your back and legs.
Sorry girl, time can't be turned back
Just slowly moving forward in my space

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The Tale Of Two Sisters

For many years I've wished you happy birthdays, yet there's something indeed special about this one, because it's a milestone in your life-and mine too!

That we have spent our entire lives together or in proximity comes to mind!
To aid recalling portions of the yesterdays, let's journey back over some countless days and nights we walked to and fro on the dusty trail leading to the gravel road to school and church
…we often would sing, 'How much is that doggie in the window' and echoing

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