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adheez van der beanthz Poems

1. The Owner Of Words 1/11/2013
2. How Could I.. 2/5/2013
3. Humanity Extinction 3/12/2013
4. A Shadow 4/16/2013
5. The Humming Hope In Time 6/9/2013
6. I Don'T Care 6/9/2013
7. A Form Of Sea Way 6/9/2013
8. Debt 12/17/2012
9. Symphony Of Agony 6/12/2013
10. An Ancient Mystery 7/30/2013
11. My Deep Sleep.. 6/11/2013
12. Just An Ordinary Bridge For Extraordinary Dreams 6/9/2013
13. Journey Of Feeling 8/15/2013
14. Dance Of The Rain 8/15/2013
15. My Indonesian - 68 Years Old You Are 8/16/2013
16. An Ode Of River Rhyme 12/21/2013
17. The Rain, The Moon And The Night 6/14/2014
18. The Little-Simple Words About Life 6/15/2014
19. The Story Of Sweat 8/19/2013
20. Lost 8/15/2013
21. Room Hope For My Beloved 8/11/2013
22. Poetry And Weather 2/7/2013
23. Self-Reflection, Emptiness 2/17/2013
24. Brotherhood Don'T Come From Blood, But Love 6/14/2013
25. Beloved Mothers 8/15/2013
26. Forgive Me... 1/9/2013
27. Kilimanjaro 8/9/2013
28. Self-Reflection, Life Is Beautiful 2/17/2013
29. A Voice 6/12/2013
30. Last Kisses For Last Love 7/25/2013
31. Broken Mirror 12/18/2012
32. Soulmate 12/3/2013
33. A Gun, A Man And Rights For New Brand 7/25/2013
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A Gun, A Man And Rights For New Brand

a man with rights
a gun at his side
no reason to fight
act as a cowboy in the past

a gun, a man, and a wisdom
fire anyone, random
a car, a child, even a wall
rush to greet the deathly call

are we in war?
why blood flooding on my floor?
while the silent Parliament
still hold on in his old brand

a nation with its laws
all the world see your show
the rights of the gun
a player has some fun

until when this will end?
how many life have to be sent?
might you finally understand
and make a better amendment

a man who ...

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Forgive Me...

I'm not a perfect man
nor a rich who have a treasure abound

I'm just a man with a handfuls of feelings..
that flared up like ocean waves
flew up like Katarina's hurricanes
and blew up like Tambora's eruptions

I'm not going to promise about morning beauty

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