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When The Sun Sets On Me - Poem by krishnakumar chandrasekar nair

When the sun sets on me
Do not cry or say good bye
As I disappear with the evening shades
To some promised land to bide
Having lived reasonably well
And someday under a different sun
And a different moon...........
We will meet again
To sing and laugh
Relive the past
Restart old coversations
Without having to ever die again
And till then... till then....take care
Live well, die well....adieu......

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Some day we will all have to leave all alone........

Comments about When The Sun Sets On Me by krishnakumar chandrasekar nair

  • Gary Liles Gary Liles (9/14/2016 5:02:00 AM)

    Superbly written Krishnakumar, a profound, thought provoking write. ☺😊😀35255 (Report) Reply

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  • Krishnakumar Chandrasekar Nair Krishnakumar Chandrasekar Nair (7/28/2016 11:48:00 AM)

    The comment given underneath was posted by Shri Unnikrishnan ES to my in box.

    Hi Krishna,

    There is something wrong with the site. I could not post the comment below the poem. So I post it here for you. If you could, paste it below the poem, so everybody could read:

    Exquisite muse on the inevitable end. Your poem recalls the statement in Bhagavat Gita (in part of course) ,
    'Vaasaamsi jeernani yatha vihaaya
    Navani gruhnaati naroparaani...' meaning, as men discard old clothings to don new ones, the dehi (aatma) too discard old bodies to don new bodies.' That is the essence of Indian philosophy of 'punarjanma' and the ultimate 'moksha'. As Aadi Shankara said, 'punarapi jananam, punarapi maranam......'

    But, I find a reflection of the Christian spirituality too in the poem.
    ' disappear...
    to some promised land to bide...
    without having to ever die again....' These lines have meanings distinctly different from the 'moksha' in Indian philosophy, but is close to the Cristian philosophy. Do I see a faint resonance of the famous poem by Sister Mary Beninja (Mary John Thottam?) here!
    Fantastic write. Your vast reading has added value to this poem. Loved reading. Congrats.10++ (Report) Reply

  • Valsa George Valsa George (7/24/2016 9:38:00 PM)

    Alone we come and alone we go..... In between we have to live together and share the pain and partake of the joys of others, so that we will have the contentment of having lived well and 'died well'! Enjoyed this great philosophic brooding on life n'death! (Report) Reply

  • Edmund Strolis Edmund Strolis (10/21/2015 5:58:00 AM)

    A philosophy that allows for release from fear and the liberty of acceptance. A new sun and a new moon, yes. The thought of renewing old conversations is extraordinary in being both simple and yet wonderful. (Report) Reply

  • Bharati Nayak Bharati Nayak (10/18/2015 5:47:00 AM)

    Do not cry or say good bye
    As I disappear with the evening shades
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    We will meet again
    Restart old conversations
    Till then take care
    Live well- -die well- -adieu- - - - - - - - - -So meaningful and so beautiful- - - No regrets as life lived well and a wish to die with the hope that this beautiful life will continue even after death.- - - - - - - - 10 (Report) Reply

  • Eugene Levich Eugene Levich (9/30/2015 1:18:00 AM)

    A fine philosophical poem with thoughts that are both tender and tough. (Report) Reply

    Krishnakumar Chandrasekar Nair Krishnakumar Chandrasekar Nair (10/2/2015 11:55:00 AM)

    thank you.....

  • Walterrean Salley (7/9/2015 9:22:00 PM)

    Enjoyed this reality shared. It has such hope, and calming affect. (Report) Reply

    Krishnakumar Chandrasekar Nair Krishnakumar Chandrasekar Nair (10/2/2015 11:55:00 AM)

    thank you....

  • Edward Kofi Louis Edward Kofi Louis (5/22/2015 12:49:00 PM)

    To sing and laugh; and, to restart old conversations. Nice piece of work. (Report) Reply

  • Bri Edwards Bri Edwards (5/11/2015 5:13:00 PM)

    I'll send this to MyPoemList. but ….. oops! ..... Restart old coversations? someone stole an n. here, you can use this one: N. But, maybe PH was the culprit; sometimes I swear PH changes things.

    i had trouble reading it in one place due to a lack of punctuation, but i managed! I wanted to continue line 5 into line 6 as being all in one sentence.

    wouldn't it be NICE..........if the poem came true? yes, it would be nice.

    i especially like Having lived reasonably well............ though i'm not sure if you are talking about creature comforts enjoyed or an upright personality/morality lived.

    die well.... another uncertain phrase for me, but i like it also.

    bri :)

    p.s. i like your use of a series of periods (to ‘make’ the reader pause): of course i like it since i do the same thing sometimes in my poems.

    p.p.s. I can’t resist. I’ll have to look at the Humpty Dumpty poem. (Report) Reply

  • Howard 'the motivational poet' Simon Howard 'the motivational poet' Simon (12/24/2013 5:12:00 PM)

    Powerful perspective pertaining to life and the after life. (Report) Reply

  • Roseann Shawiak (11/15/2013 2:09:00 AM)

    Beautiful, heart-felt depiction of death. You painted a beautiful picture of it in my mind. A masterpiece.
    Well said. Thank you for sharing it. RoseAnn (Report) Reply

  • Savita Tyagi (11/11/2013 2:46:00 PM)

    So beautiful in its amazingly simple way. (Report) Reply

  • Anita Sehgal Anita Sehgal (11/8/2013 2:07:00 AM)

    music for the soul..! (Report) Reply

  • Lyn Paul Lyn Paul (10/25/2013 11:52:00 PM)

    I can just hear these words as a final farewell at a celebration of ones life. A beautiful ending to a Funeral service. Love the title too. Thank You and I have saved this (Report) Reply

  • Heather Wilkins Heather Wilkins (10/22/2013 12:09:00 PM)

    a lovely god bye. feelings well expressed. (Report) Reply

  • Prasanna Kumari (10/15/2013 11:01:00 PM)

    the feelings expressed well...nice poem (Report) Reply

  • Neela Nath Das Neela Nath Das (10/7/2013 9:25:00 AM)

    The last day must come in our life.Inevitable.Very nice expression and diction as well. (Report) Reply

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