Harry Radcliffe

[H. Rad]

Poems of Harry Radcliffe

1. Angels 7/10/2013
2. Birdsong 9/28/2013
3. Details 9/28/2013
4. Photos 9/28/2013
5. Sand In My Eyes 7/10/2013
6. Smile In Your Eyes 7/10/2013
7. Snowglobe 7/10/2013

Smile In Your Eyes

If I had the power at my command,
I would carve you a snowflake in the palm of my hand.
I would craft you a bed out of warm desert sands.
But there is no way to show my devotion
Unless I weave you a dress from the tides of the ocean.

And by making these things my love would take form,
And I would give you a diamond from the ice of a storm.
And if I could forge you a mountain, raise it up from the ground,

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