Treasure Island

Harry Radcliffe

[H. Rad]

Poems of Harry Radcliffe

1. Angels 7/10/2013
2. Birdsong 9/28/2013
3. Details 9/28/2013
4. Photos 9/28/2013
5. Sand In My Eyes 7/10/2013
6. Smile In Your Eyes 7/10/2013
7. Snowglobe 7/10/2013


I keep all the photos, of the two of us together,
Because photos never change, they stay the same, forever
And I can look at all my photos, and I can look into your eyes
I have seen each one before, so I am never surprised
And I can look at your face, and upon stone it is set
I never have to fear, that you may be upset
And I don’t have to worry, that your smile it might fade
And every day, the same you have stayed
And there is no worry you may be in fear

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