E.M McCarry

E.M McCarry Poems

1. Hurting 2/27/2012
2. Chains 2/28/2012
3. Yelling At You 2/28/2012
4. The Shell 2/28/2012
5. Only In Writing 2/28/2012
6. A Scream 2/28/2012
7. The Guest 2/29/2012
8. Don'T Feel The Pain 2/29/2012
9. Supernatural 3/21/2012
10. Time Stream 5/12/2012
11. Ship 5/14/2012
12. Forever 5/29/2012
13. Nowhere Fast 5/29/2012
14. Possiblitiy 5/29/2012
15. Lying Expressions 5/29/2012
16. Laura's Prophecy 8/27/2012
17. Pain 9/7/2013
18. Can'T You See? 9/7/2013
Best Poem of E.M McCarry


Breath of fresh air
try to lift my heavy heart
it ain't working.
Wanting to let go, be free
but I can't figure it out,
how to cut the bonds
nor have the bravery to do it.

take this weight off my shoulders.
I'm too young to be chained by despair and anger.

I am to weak to stand alone,
or to stand with others.

I'm caught between a rock and a hard place,
struggling to breath.

I'm sinking under the surface,
battling to stay afloat.
For I am one alone.

I may find someone out there
who can break my shell
and ...

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Some people when they're hurting,
scream it way out loud,
some get help and let it out
honestly, I don't know how.
Some people turn to the darkness
others go to the light
Which hides their pain away.
But me, I keep it all inside
and let it fill me up.

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