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E.M McCarry Poems

1. Chains 2/28/2012
2. Yelling At You 2/28/2012
3. The Shell 2/28/2012
4. Only In Writing 2/28/2012
5. A Scream 2/28/2012
6. The Guest 2/29/2012
7. Don'T Feel The Pain 2/29/2012
8. Supernatural 3/21/2012
9. Time Stream 5/12/2012
10. Ship 5/14/2012
11. Forever 5/29/2012
12. Nowhere Fast 5/29/2012
13. Possiblitiy 5/29/2012
14. Lying Expressions 5/29/2012
15. Laura's Prophecy 8/27/2012
16. Pain 9/7/2013
17. Can'T You See? 9/7/2013
18. Hurting 2/27/2012
Best Poem of E.M McCarry


Some people when they're hurting,
scream it way out loud,
some get help and let it out
honestly, I don't know how.
Some people turn to the darkness
others go to the light
Which hides their pain away.
But me, I keep it all inside
and let it fill me up.
Slowly, slowly
sometimes bubbling up and overflowing
while smiling through the pain
For I am afraid of jumping
high or low
Also afraid to trust
for those trust me,
but not me them.
And I am afraid of depending,
one to hold on to.
No one, not even myself knows
exactly who I am.

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Only In Writing

Only in writing,
do I start to understand myself
and who I am.

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