E.M McCarry

E.M McCarry Poems

1. Chains 2/28/2012
2. Yelling At You 2/28/2012
3. The Shell 2/28/2012
4. Only In Writing 2/28/2012
5. A Scream 2/28/2012
6. The Guest 2/29/2012
7. Don'T Feel The Pain 2/29/2012
8. Supernatural 3/21/2012
9. Time Stream 5/12/2012
10. Ship 5/14/2012
11. Forever 5/29/2012
12. Nowhere Fast 5/29/2012
13. Possiblitiy 5/29/2012
14. Lying Expressions 5/29/2012
15. Laura's Prophecy 8/27/2012
16. Pain 9/7/2013
17. Can'T You See? 9/7/2013
18. Hurting 2/27/2012
Best Poem of E.M McCarry


Some people when they're hurting,
scream it way out loud,
some get help and let it out
honestly, I don't know how.
Some people turn to the darkness
others go to the light
Which hides their pain away.
But me, I keep it all inside
and let it fill me up.
Slowly, slowly
sometimes bubbling up and overflowing
while smiling through the pain
For I am afraid of jumping
high or low
Also afraid to trust
for those trust me,
but not me them.
And I am afraid of depending,
one to hold on to.
No one, not even myself knows
exactly who I am.

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Yelling At You

People don't get it!
We're making the same mistakes!
But this time, we'll be lost and shattered,
and there will be no respite!
No recovery!
Just lost life!
And those left will fight to the death,
like the pig-headed idiots we all are.
And none will be left.

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