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Dimitri Jagodinski Poems

1. Faith Hope Love Joy Pride 8/9/2013
2. Sunrise... A Love Poem 9/12/2013
3. The People Must Unite To Defeat Terrorism And Organized Crime Cartels 9/25/2014
4. How Beautiful Is The Love Of A Mother 9/27/2014
5. Am I Nothing? Baby Birthing Rhyming In Ing 1/21/2014
6. I Met An Angel One Night... Love Poem 9/7/2013
7. You Are So Beautiful.... A Love Song 8/16/2013
8. To Have Lived Life Is To Have Loved 10/1/2013
9. The Eagle Who Soars Above Africa. Nelson Mandela 12/6/2013
10. When Do Boys Become Men 10/15/2014
11. Death By Suicide 8/14/2014
12. God Brought You Into My Life... A Love Poem. 7/11/2014
13. An Old Black Man And A Young Gangster... Poem About Racism 7/2/2014
14. Racism 7/30/2013
15. Spoiled In America There Is No Life Better 2/22/2015
16. Why The World Needs The United States 4/26/2014
17. Colorado Fall God's Masterpiece 10/16/2014
18. Write Your Own Song 10/14/2013
19. Fear Mongers...What Have We Done? Nothing 10/15/2013
20. We Are At Fault For Our Youth Today 9/1/2013
21. Remember The Best Of Times Haiku 8/13/2013
22. The Black And White Zealots.. Reality In Ferguson 8/19/2014
23. Paranoid Schizophrenia 12/28/2013
24. I Dont Have To But I Love You Blues Song 10/1/2014
25. Merry Merry Christmas 12/19/2014
26. Dead Homeless Man 4/16/2013
27. Spring The Awakening 4/29/2014
28. The President Of The United States 4/29/2014
29. Life Is A Marathon 4/10/2014
30. When I Dream I Dream About You... A Love Poem 4/21/2014
31. War Is Brewing From The West The Great Chess Game Has Begun 11/4/2014
32. The Plague Of Inhumanity Killing Humanity.....Read The News 9/28/2014
33. I Know How Job Felt And I Thank You God 8/15/2013
34. Who Is A Good Father? 11/22/2013
35. Martin Luther King Was A Great Man... Today He Would Be Ashamed 12/2/2014
36. The Most Beautiful Flower 7/9/2013
37. The Dark And Light Side Of Poetry 4/25/2013
38. Lying Under Oath Has Consequences Yet The Innocent Forgives 10/24/2013
39. Demon Named Depression 9/13/2014
40. Inevitable Is Death 7/24/2014
Best Poem of Dimitri Jagodinski

Faith Hope Love Joy Pride

Faith is hard to conceive
When you cannot see beyond your troubles
Hope is hard to have
When your life is spiraling out of control
Love is a feeling that becomes pain
When your loved ones leave
Joy is a memory fading away
When you lose sight of your dreams
Pride disappears
When you drown in despair
Faith becomes real
When you begin to believe
Hope is alive
When you surrender your will
Love Heals your heart
When you begin to love yourself
Joy fills your soul
When you share your Love
Pride is restored

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When I moved to the South
Racism is all I heard about
It was a black and white issue
I tried to tell them that was not true
Everywhere I have been and in other countries
Racism has existed for centuries
In Africa black Africans fight against Africans that are black
Just different tribal packs
In the Middle East

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