Devanshi Khetarpal

Rookie (17th March 1999 / Bhopal)

Devanshi Khetarpal Poems

1. Kinsmen Of Another Breed 5/4/2013
2. Out In The Blue, Men Dive And Rue 5/4/2013
3. Assurance, Endurance, Brilliance 5/4/2013
4. Pokey Nose (Or What Happened To Little Charlie) 5/4/2013
5. The Sidewalk 5/4/2013
6. Black Days And Sunny Nights 5/4/2013
7. Who Meddles On And On With The Sight Of Little Natalia Shawn? 5/4/2013
8. A Torn Flower 5/4/2013
9. The Solitary Street 5/4/2013
10. The Same Ol' Bench 5/4/2013
11. Human Nature 5/4/2013
12. My Father, My Strength 5/4/2013
13. The Golden Bird 5/4/2013
14. The Flower Tots 5/4/2013
15. The Traveller 5/4/2013
16. Not Much Left Now 5/4/2013
17. An Artistic Mind 5/6/2013
18. Wear And Tear 5/8/2013
19. On A Starry Night 5/9/2013
20. My Gaberdine's Halitosis 5/11/2013
21. Through A Draped Sight 5/12/2013
22. The Campanile's Roar 5/13/2013
23. Polished Shoes 5/15/2013
24. Hole In My Soul 5/15/2013
25. The Strings Of My Guitar 5/17/2013
26. What Happens At Night? 5/19/2013
27. Clap It Together! 5/20/2013
28. The Dinner Party 5/22/2013
29. I'M Fourteen And My Hair Are Grey 5/23/2013
30. Odds And Scraps 5/24/2013
31. The Foul Room Of Diana Hardy 5/26/2013
32. Is It Noon Already? 5/27/2013
33. What's Inside A Lady's Bag? 5/29/2013
34. The Writerly Life 5/31/2013
35. Height 6/2/2013
36. I Saw A Princess In A Field (Or Did I Not?) 6/3/2013
37. Thy Vale 6/3/2013
38. The Chambermaid 6/7/2013
39. Confession Of A Schoolboy 6/8/2013
40. Yet Another Day 6/10/2013
Best Poem of Devanshi Khetarpal


Times are
Coffee sinks.
I drown.

The man
On the
Next table.

Coffee bean
Fallen to
The ground.

Two truths
A lie
With Spoon.

Foamy innards
The scent
Of mouths.

Hang on
The wall.
They don't
Like the floor.

The counter,
Boils. You
Don't know what.

Step out
Quincunxes of
Coffee- unfinished.

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The Sidewalk

She walks along, skidding, gliding,
Along the sidewalk that's slipping, a-sliding
Beneath her feet as if she's not moving at all,
The gravel bound, her noggin high and she walks to a call,
Which n'ver was heard of or christened to,
But awn she walked on the sidewalk, with a pair of shoes or two.
Call it an illusion, know it a farce,
She walked along the sidewalk, underneath the moon and a parce'
Of stars which glimmered and shivered in twilight; dull,

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