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Bri Edwards Poems

1. My English Sucks ….. [ENGLISH ('poor') : almost MEDIUM length; education and life; PH- inspired] 8/29/2014
2. Being Old: The Advantages And Disadvantages....... [(see the title): Long; personal? ; humour? ] 11/12/2013
3. 'Poetic Pizza' Pieces For PoemHunter Pals....[Fantasy Poem/Pizza Creation; Personal] 11/2/2013
4. ACTC: 2015/01: CONTEST TITLES (2) AND INFO FOR January Challenge..... [a contest; this is information and entries for an ongoing poetry contest on PH] 1/9/2015
5. I'll Quit Poetry..... [my PoemHunter connection; other members; a little Long] 1/12/2014
6. ACTC: 2014/12: CONTEST TITLES (2) AND INFO FOR December Challenge 12/4/2014
7. Last Banana In The Universe... [BANANAS; silly; VERY SHORT] 10/12/2014
8. 65th-Birthday Gift(S) ..... [My Birthday Hike With My Mate; Birds; Cheap Spousal Gifts; SHORT] 7/7/2013
9. A Lonely Cloud.....[Nature Observation; Humor] 8/30/2012
10. A Father's Toast At His Gay Son's Wedding Reception..... [Same-sex marriage; Humour/HUMOR; Johnny Cash song/Sheldon Silverstein poem; SHORT] 6/18/2014
11. (Marriage) Equality..... [see the title; personal fantasy; humor? (let me know) ] 11/27/2013
12. A Showcase For PH Poets: February 2015: section 'A'.... [SHARING poems; NOT a contest; monthly on Bri Edward's PH site] 2/2/2015
13. An Apple A Day....... [Apples; Health; Stupid Guy; Humor? ; Pretty Short] 8/17/2013
14. A Bloody Riot............ [Football/Soccer Fan Violence; Humor? ? ; VERY Short] 7/15/2013
15. Beware Of Scams In Sheep's Clothing...... [LIARS sending PH messages; SHORT enough: scams] 9/3/2014
16. Marriage Is....... [aspects of marriage; some personal thoughts from a three-time 'loser'] 9/8/2013
17. A Perfect Poem...... [What IS One? ; VERY SHORT; A Poet's Wisdom? ] 6/7/2013
18. 1AAA..... 'Wrong Verification Code'....[How to 'get around' the 'wrong verification code' message on poemhunter] 12/18/2012
19. 'Useless'..... [Human Uselessness; PSYCHOLOGY; Useless Advice? ; Humor/Humour? ; Sort Of SHORT] 7/22/2014
20. FUN-eral....... [my funeral; relatives; life and death; fun] 7/22/2013
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