Anubhav gupta

Rookie - 10 Points (aug.08,1995 / kanpur)

Anubhav gupta Poems

1. I Want You To Be Mine 5/11/2014
2. A Feeling Unexpected 5/4/2014
3. Happy Birthday Sister 5/5/2014
4. A Lovely Teacher 6/24/2014
5. Me And You 5/21/2014
6. The Breeze Beneath The Tree 5/26/2014
7. Lovely Mother 5/11/2014
8. Happy Birthday Lakka 5/6/2014
9. A Friend Snow-White 5/6/2014
10. A Rage 5/6/2014
11. Love 5/6/2014
12. To The Reality 5/7/2014
13. An Appeal 5/7/2014
14. Lost Me 5/7/2014
15. Me 5/7/2014
16. A Question To God 5/7/2014
17. A Feeling For You 5/7/2014
18. You 5/7/2014
19. Apple Thought 5/5/2014
20. The Embarrassment 5/5/2014
21. Apology 3/10/2014
22. Confession 4/5/2014
23. Life 4/5/2014
24. God 4/17/2014
25. I Am Nothing 2/22/2015
26. Tomorrow 5/13/2014
27. Only In Dreams 5/14/2014
28. Poetry 5/17/2014
29. The Voice Of A Lonely Heart 5/21/2014
Best Poem of Anubhav gupta

I Want You To Be Mine

I want you to be mine
baby all the time.
Yeah it's you
who is always on my mind.
For I do love you,
and I want you to be mine.

I want to hold your hand,
and have a walk with you.
I want to lie in your lap,
and have a talk with you.
Baby open your wings,
come fly by my side
and give me the thing
needed everyday, every time.

I want your love,
I want you to be mine
I want to sit by your side
with your hand in my hand,
and my head on your shoulder.
I don't care,
even if you be my scolder
I want us to grow old ...

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A Feeling Unexpected

Why I don't get to know
What relation we share,
Or why don't we show
Always our love and care.
Why the smallest things
Make us fight so much
Why just don't we show
The love hidden in our heart.

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