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[Miss Snoe] (1996-08-16 / East London)

Poems of Sinomhlobo Marwanqa

1. 02-03-13 3/2/2013
2. A crack on solid ground 3/14/2013
3. A sickness of conformity 12/29/2012
4. Beast Of Affection 2/26/2013
5. Broken For The Last Time 11/30/2012
6. Burdens of a black woman 3/31/2013
7. Emotional Paralysis 3/31/2013
8. From The Grave: An Open Letter 1/6/2014
9. I Never Knew Her (They Say) 2/25/2013
10. Leaving 11/30/2012
11. Liberal Intoxication 3/24/2013
12. Madonna's Lament 1/1/2014
13. Message in a bottle (healing of a troubled mind) 3/12/2013
14. Parallel Affection 3/12/2013
15. Sentimental Pen 12/10/2012
16. Sinomtha 2/15/2014
17. Sisipho 5/4/2013
18. Stone Heart 3/31/2013
19. Teardrop 1/12/2013
20. The death of me 12/11/2013


To begin my journey of years to come fell a solitary teardrop
What my head screams to excrete
Is what my heart wails to keep
With a teardrop at the end of the day
Feeling love brought joy and pain
The charm in his words chose how in doom I lain
Now twice the table in my living room
The fear of fear led me to see no bloom
The tears in my eyes led me to see no stars

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