Maria Magdalena Biela


Poems of Maria Magdalena Biela

1. Acrostic 2/20/2014
2. Acrostic I 2/20/2014
3. Acrostic II 2/20/2014
4. Apart 2/20/2014
5. Dot The I 3/20/2014
6. From Now Until It's Now Again 7/19/2014
7. I Kid You Not 2/20/2014
8. I Thee Wed 4/15/2014
9. Innocence 4/21/2014
10. Sonnet 5/2/2014
11. The Autistic Land (Sonnet) 8/22/2014
12. The Wedding Photo 2/20/2014
13. Weep No More, My Willow Tree! 7/31/2014
14. Written On The Wind 6/29/2014

The Wedding Photo

They stood there smiling in black and white
holding their fingers tender and tight.
They knew the secrets of a past tense heart
they knew of a future 'till death do us part'.

They tell a story that starts with 'I do! '.
They dream of a lifetime witnessed by two.
They hold their crowns as King and his Queen
They know not that marriage is simply a scene.

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