Kevin Quero

Kevin Quero Poems

1. Rain 3/8/2014
2. A Small Bright Light 3/10/2014
3. Bored 3/10/2014
4. What Is Happening? 3/9/2014
5. A Box Of Rabbits 3/15/2014
6. I Woke Up 3/21/2014
7. My Annoying Shadow 2 4/15/2014
8. Life's Journey 1/23/2016
9. My Family 7/3/2016
10. The Hardest Question 3/23/2014
11. World Of Imagination 3/8/2014
12. A Speech 3/12/2014
13. The Haunted House 3/9/2014
14. My Annoying Shadow 3/8/2014
15. Wonderland 1/12/2015
16. If I Could Rule The World 3/8/2014
17. Death Of The Fish 3/9/2014
18. I Didn'T Do My Math Homework 3/20/2014
19. My Dog 3/8/2014
20. Time Traveling 3/9/2014
Best Poem of Kevin Quero

Time Traveling

I would like to time travel
To see the future me
Wouldn't that be great
To see what I will really be.

I could travel to when I was eight
To see all the things I've done
Some are really boring
But most of it are fun.

I could travel to the day I'm an Adult
To see how many things I know
But no need for that
I'll just wait until I grow.

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My Dog

My dog is number one
He is my best friend
We like to be together
And our friendship will never end.

He is a part of my family
And he is like my guard
And when we work together
Nothing is really hard.

My dog will always be mine
He is very important to me
My dog is the best
And my dog he will always be.

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