Treasure Island

Jayeeta Shamsul


Poems of Jayeeta Shamsul

1. A Stalker 7/1/2014
2. An Anklet of Whim 3/29/2014
3. Angel of Sleep 7/21/2014
4. Autobiography Of A 1000 Yrs Old Shrine 11/20/2013
5. Confessions Of An Arabian Tent 11/24/2013
6. I am Roman Dynasty 11/19/2013
7. Loving a Criminal: 8/14/2014
8. Playing With Fire 3/12/2014
9. Sayings of Judus Christ 1/4/2014
10. The Drum of Revolution 4/29/2014
11. The Herbalist 6/18/2014
12. The Scroll of Sorceress: 2/22/2014
13. Whim 3/31/2014

An Anklet of Whim

I am a woven thread of red, white and yellow,
I make hundred emotions mellow,
I transcend your walk into a flight of swallow,
With chimes, I fulfill nature’s hollow.
I am a woven thread with possible decors,
You love the way I adore,
I see the world through your color,
I inhale the world through your odor.
I will be your solo anklet,

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