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Dave Pass Poems

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24. Dinosaurs 10/8/2013
25. Snow And Ice 12/4/2014
26. Cheetah's Chase 10/8/2013
27. Make Peace Not War 10/13/2013
Best Poem of Dave Pass

Make Peace Not War

There was a time when might was right
When land was seized and peasants killed
To stay alive you had to fight
Just as your tribal leader willed

Then empires came and with them Rome
Who did the British Isles invade
Killed Iceni and took their home
Boudicca’s memory did not fade

The Empire fell, the Angles came
Along with Jute and Saxon too
The pain and suffering still the same
As native British men they slew

Men from the north sacked Lindisfarne
The Viking fleets laid land to waste
No crops were gathered in the barn
‘Til Alfred’s ...

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Bird Variations

Masters of the air and also of the sea.
Soaring high above or perching in a tree.
Some go no further than one small patch of land,
Others cross the oceans or barren desert sand.

Robin males fight others for their private space.
Starlings flock together and move from place to place.
Emperor penguins dive a third of a mile deep.
Ostriches run fast with a 16 foot long leap. (30 mph)

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