Dave Pass

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Dave Pass Poems

1. Seasons Of Life 10/8/2013
2. Journey To Jupiter 10/8/2013
3. The Prodigal Son As A Singing Play 10/8/2013
4. To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Been Before 10/8/2013
5. Seeing Through A Glass Darkly 10/8/2013
6. Robot 10/9/2013
7. Moon 10/9/2013
8. Autumn 10/14/2013
9. Eruption 10/14/2013
10. Love 2/6/2014
11. Mother 3/10/2014
12. Spring 4/2/2014
13. Spain 4/24/2014
14. Magellan 5/7/2014
15. Rain 10/14/2013
16. Blue Planet 7/6/2014
17. Red 8/30/2014
18. Ascension 5/4/2015
19. Hell Gill 9/2/2015
20. The Beast Of Beeston Tor 9/7/2015
21. Bird Variations 10/11/2015
22. Comets 5/11/2016
23. Royal Lineage 5/11/2016
24. Cosmic Zoo -new- 5/23/2016
25. Winter 10/14/2013
26. A Tibetan Terrier Called Honey 5/27/2014
27. Dinosaurs 10/8/2013
28. Snow And Ice 12/4/2014
29. Make Peace Not War 10/13/2013
30. Cheetah's Chase 10/8/2013
Best Poem of Dave Pass

Cheetah's Chase

The sun shone down on the African plain.
The trees and the grass were short of fresh rain.
Giraffes munched slowly from tall thorn bushes.
Hippos in the pool were hid by rushes.

The animals came to the pool to drink
They weren’t aware of the cheetah I think.
The elephants were safe for they were strong.
The impalas could graze but not for long.

The cheetah through the long grass came slinking
Its muscles tense and its eyes not blinking.
It kept on crawling ‘til it came quite near
To the wildebeest and impala deer.

The cheetah charged it was ready...

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Seasons Of Life

Spring is like youth or one’s childhood
The season of growth from a seed
Grasses grow and trees are in bud
Soils are covered with plant or weed
Babies soon learn to walk and talk
Children manage a knife and fork

Summer is like having children
Flowers, shrubs and trees are in bloom

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