Treasure Island

Brandon Nyandoro


Poems of Brandon Nyandoro

1. Be with me 3/2/2013
2. Can You Hear The Sounds Of My Words? 3/2/2013
3. Laughter is what i am after. 3/2/2013
4. Let Alone The Wise 2/24/2013
5. My shadows 3/2/2013
6. Set Apart 3/2/2013
7. Sleep 3/2/2013
8. Walk Away 3/2/2013
9. Welfare Was Never Meant To Be Permanent 2/24/2013
10. why us 2/23/2013

why us

We say we do yet we don't
we cry,
yet we are laughing
who is there to check or scan the emotions

Why us among the world's overpopulation?
Why us when all are congratulated?
Why us when all have graduated?

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