Treasure Island

Andrew Hinton

(1993 / Massachusetts)

Poems of Andrew Hinton

1. A Dream 1/27/2013
2. A Flickering Flame 1/22/2013
3. A Praise and Prayer 2/19/2013
4. A Timid Intrest 2/9/2013
5. A Winter Night 1/27/2013
6. An Intrest 2/1/2013
7. Beach Walk 3/9/2013
8. Burying an old Man 2/19/2013
9. Eternity 3/1/2013
10. Firelight 12/5/2013
11. Graveyard 7/11/2013
12. Hymn 8/29/2013
13. I Didn't Try to Run Lord 1/27/2013
14. I Want to Say I Do 1/27/2013
15. Just Hope and a Dream 1/22/2013
16. Keeps Me Alive 12/7/2013
17. Lead Me With Your Shepherd's Hands 2/27/2013
18. Let Me Know It Is I You Will Miss 2/11/2013
19. Madness 6/30/2013
20. Music 5/24/2013

Just Hope and a Dream

When my darling asks me how much I love her what will I say?
Will I think of all the times I held sorrow and loneliness at bay?
Will I think of all the times my heart was broken before?
Will I be at a loss for words and succumb to using a metaphor?
No, maybe on a mountain we will kiss, together lost in a moment of bliss.
No, maybe in the sea, our hearts will realize that we are meant to be.
But I am here now, with just hope and dream,
Giggles and flirting might be less than they see

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