Andrew Hinton

Rookie (1993 / Massachusetts)

Andrew Hinton Poems

1. Just Hope And A Dream 1/22/2013
2. The Die To Cast 1/27/2013
3. The Strength I Find 1/27/2013
4. The End Is All I Seek 1/27/2013
5. A Dream 1/27/2013
6. I Didn'T Try To Run Lord 1/27/2013
7. A Winter Night 1/27/2013
8. An Intrest 2/1/2013
9. A Timid Intrest 2/9/2013
10. Let Me Know It Is I You Will Miss 2/11/2013
11. A Praise And Prayer 2/19/2013
12. Burying An Old Man 2/19/2013
13. Soft 2/25/2013
14. Rest 2/25/2013
15. Lead Me With Your Shepherd's Hands 2/27/2013
16. Eternity 3/1/2013
17. Victory 3/4/2013
18. Patience 3/8/2013
19. Beach Walk 3/9/2013
20. Stars 6/26/2013
21. Madness 6/30/2013
22. Graveyard 7/11/2013
23. Still With Me 8/12/2013
24. Hymn 8/29/2013
25. Praying 9/2/2013
26. Keeps Me Alive 12/7/2013
27. Thoughts 2/5/2014
28. One Sentence 1/27/2013
29. I Want To Say I Do 1/27/2013
30. A Flickering Flame 1/22/2013
31. The Fluorescent Sky's Glow 1/31/2013
32. Firelight 12/5/2013
33. Music 5/24/2013
Best Poem of Andrew Hinton


Why does music move the soul,
And temporarily make us whole?
What is it about the vibration of air,
That draws us from darkness’ lair?
How does it bolster our being,
And keep our time from fleeing?
I think these questions though,
Are misdirected very so.
It is not why, or what, or how too,
Because music is not a thing, but a who.
She’ll take your hand and dance,
Opening your heart to sweet romance.
If your crushed she’ll take your hand,
And give you strength to stand.
Music is a gift from God,
Gentle guiding and healing of His rod.

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The Die To Cast

Angelic voices echo in the cathedral of my mind,
Long has it remained empty with no life to find.
I sit alone on a throne of the darkest stones,
Feeling so sick and weak down to my bones,
No light reaches my eyes or life fills my lungs,
Instead fear whispers with a thousand tongues.
Tortured by solitude and a fragmented mind,
My very thoughts have begun to rob me blind.
There is nothing left to fight,

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