Andrew Hinton

Rookie (1993 / Massachusetts)

Biography of Andrew Hinton

I was born in Massachusetts, but raised in New Hampshire, the homeland of Robert Frost. I grew up not knowing much about poetry until I read some of his work. Since then I have been inspired to try and write poems of equal quality.
I enjoy writing poetry mostly as a means to communicate to others what I am feeling. Some poems I do write only for myself, but the majority I write for people I love or people that hurt me and didn't know.
These poems are here for you to enjoy! I hope you like them! Please don't be afraid to rate them!

Andrew Hinton's Works:

Not yet. Maybe soon! Updates

The Die To Cast

Angelic voices echo in the cathedral of my mind,
Long has it remained empty with no life to find.
I sit alone on a throne of the darkest stones,
Feeling so sick and weak down to my bones,
No light reaches my eyes or life fills my lungs,
Instead fear whispers with a thousand tongues.
Tortured by solitude and a fragmented mind,
My very thoughts have begun to rob me blind.
There is nothing left to fight,

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