Titto Mutny

Titto Mutny Poems

1. Think Not. 10/6/2012
2. Pink Okaya 4/3/2013
3. Get Up 4/4/2013
4. Kisses Are Like Butterflies{edited} 7/1/2013
5. Kisses Are Butterflies 5/21/2013
6. Love Awaits 2/6/2014
7. My One Joy 11/15/2015
8. Diary Of Love. 12/14/2015
9. Love Mad 12/14/2015
10. Lust Blast 12/14/2015
11. Desire's Depth 12/14/2015
12. The Undying Love. 12/18/2015
13. Letter By The Loved Lover. 1/6/2016
14. Nothing To Do With You 1/15/2016
15. The Nightly Guest 1/20/2016
16. Heart On A Plate. -new- 2/1/2016
17. Uncalculated Steps 10/30/2015
18. Tales Of A Poet 11/2/2015
19. Amateur Love 10/13/2015
20. No More Love. 9/27/2012
21. Domestic Love(Beastiality) 7/24/2013
22. Love Story 5/7/2013
23. Don't Put A Hand On A Woman 12/24/2015
24. I Want One 10/22/2015
25. It's My Heart That Loves You 10/25/2015
26. I'm Gone 10/11/2015
27. Love 9/25/2012
Best Poem of Titto Mutny


When I was about to give up,
You made me give in.
When i was about to hate,
you made me forgive and forget.
When I was about to regret,
you made me appreciate.
When I was about to cheat,
You made me sincere,
When I was about to retreat,
you made me persevere.
When i was about to mistreat,
You made adhere,
To your simple rules,
That's you LOVE

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No More Love.

My heart just turned cold,
Everything is gone,
After the fresh flesh feast,
You threw away the bone.

How I have been pampering you with love and care,
Giving you all my love mindless of my share,
How lovely you were, commonly rare,

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