Treasure Island

Tanmayi Mukundan

Poems of Tanmayi Mukundan

1. ..and he came back 11/9/2011
2. A Call in the Night 5/30/2011
3. A Goodbye 3/12/2012
4. A Smile 6/15/2011
5. Close Your Eyes, My Angel 4/21/2011
6. I am The Woman! 5/4/2011
7. I wish I were.. 4/21/2011
8. Memories 3/15/2013
9. The Charlotte Club 5/4/2011

I am The Woman!

Wearing a frock, with two pigtails,
A young mischievous girl was I,
With a twinkle of innocence in my eyes
And a spirit of happiness so loud and high

I grew up learning the priceless dignitaries,
Having fun, yet staying with in limits
Slowly learning the essence of a woman,
In a man’s world, and where she fits!

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