Soren Valentine

Soren Valentine Poems

1. Autumn's Grief 1/28/2013
2. October's Red Leaf 1/1/2013
3. Is This Regret? 11/2/2012
4. Light Show Over The Lake; Part II 11/29/2012
5. An Old Tree 9/6/2012
6. Double-Edged Sword 7/1/2012
7. Artlessly Deceptive 1/1/2013
8. Passively Tearing Me Asunder 4/25/2013
9. The Hearer Who Wasn't Heard 12/13/2012
10. Confusion 10/4/2012
11. The Rush of A Lie 11/9/2012
12. Dreamfall 12/10/2012
13. A Second Salem 11/27/2012
14. Cambre and Arielle (From Waking to Repose) 4/11/2013
15. La Moribunda (The Withered One) 11/27/2013
16. Seeking With The Desire To Die 12/30/2012
17. Raining Moonlight 7/1/2012
18. Ode To The Hollow Bastion Within 7/30/2012
19. Arielle's Awakening 4/4/2013
20. Enigma 8/6/2012

Deceitful Dreams

By sorrowful waters I have long dwelt.
By the rushing of winds is where I have made my abiding place.
Turbulent ground, where ones bones turn to dust, is where I walk.
I know naught of the path I am taking, and ere I reach the end, I feel my doom is nigh.
The Ocean of Storms has caught up.
I thought I could put it off, yet it is fast approaching.
Oft have I wandered, in days long sped, the paths of darkness.
Why do I choose to walk with the Blind Ones? Did I not hearken to the wailing of

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