Soren Valentine

Soren Valentine Poems

1. October's Red Leaf 1/1/2013
2. Autumn's Grief 1/28/2013
3. Light Show Over The Lake; Part II 11/29/2012
4. An Old Tree 9/6/2012
5. Is This Regret? 11/2/2012
6. Double-Edged Sword 7/1/2012
7. Artlessly Deceptive 1/1/2013
8. Passively Tearing Me Asunder 4/25/2013
9. The Hearer Who Wasn't Heard 12/13/2012
10. Confusion 10/4/2012
11. Raining Moonlight 7/1/2012
12. Ode To The Hollow Bastion Within 7/30/2012
13. The Rush of A Lie 11/9/2012
14. A Second Salem 11/27/2012
15. Seeking With The Desire To Die 12/30/2012
16. Dreamfall 12/10/2012
17. Arielle's Awakening 4/4/2013
18. Cambre and Arielle (From Waking to Repose) 4/11/2013
19. La Moribunda (The Withered One) 11/27/2013
20. Autumnal Love 8/8/2012

Double-Edged Sword

You are my comfort, yet you are killing me.
Your eyes are moons to which part of my heart belongs.
Your voice fills me with happiness, yet it plunges me into an abyssal ghyll. It raises me like a mountain, yet it melts me like metal in the fires beneath the earth.

You make me weak, yet you strengthen me in a way you could not imagine.
The stars light your beautiful face and the moon brings out what I truly love.
That face is burned into my dreams, haunting me every night.
You take the

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