Sandy Player

Sandy Player Poems

1. The Sheep Gang 2/1/2013
2. Red World 2/1/2013
3. Doctor's Smoke Jar 2/1/2013
4. Moth-Eaten Mouths 2/2/2013
5. Lynch 2/14/2013
6. In The Graves 2/14/2013
7. Long Sable Torch 2/22/2013
8. Strawberry Typhoon 2/24/2013
9. Down The Drain 2/25/2013
10. Future-Zero 3/2/2013
11. The Waiting Rooms Fish Tank 4/13/2013
12. Left Alone For Another Lifetime 4/20/2013
13. My Love Is A Red, Red Pool 9/4/2013
14. A Tree Can'T Sing 9/4/2013
15. To My Voice 12/30/2013
16. Pure Dripping Pure 12/30/2013
17. Corner Stone 1/26/2014
18. Child's Sleep 3/9/2013
19. Glass Ball 4/9/2013
20. Burnt Salt 2/16/2013
21. Mouse Trapped 3/2/2013
Best Poem of Sandy Player

Mouse Trapped

Why do I ask where to go
When caught like the wolf
Who licks an eskimo's sword?

The tree that my parents put me in,
That had too many branches,
Doesn't have so many anymore

But copies of those bloodied blades.
The tallest branches were the first to go;
Those raised balconies in the sky.

Maybe I should wash my clothes
And offer them to that star and cloud contradiction; I only
Make them dirty and they tear at the seams;

They never were too good a quality.
I can package myself away until someone has a use for me.
Yes sir, this coffin...

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Red World

The Children make a change of clothing;
Tightening up red scarves
And displaying hats as if helmets.
Their grandparents stay inside as they gear up.
Perhaps another tea for now,
Bought with more silver, steel and Chinese blood.

Iron petals of snowflakes fall like an industrial revolution,
Overnight the land is levelled wearing the same rich bridal dress

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