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Mia Persson

Poems of Mia Persson

1. Buds In Winter 2/14/2012
2. Dead Waters 2/14/2012
3. Elinor's Tale 2/17/2012
4. Ingrid's Farewell 2/14/2012
5. October 10/18/2012
6. Orpheus 2/23/2012
7. Secret 2/14/2012
8. The Cat 2/14/2012

The Cat

Synthesis of a black veiled soul strolling through the night so cold
Passing and stroking a fur of might, rumerous noises of sheer delight
Could have been anger or even of fright, a cause to collide daytime with night
A furious dazzling point-arched stare of empathy leaving from everywhere.

The meowl of a cat that ruptures the silence
A titter tat game of tottering paws
A tail filled with twists and turns of bones
And a delicate leap to end up in such brilliance

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