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Mia Persson

Poems of Mia Persson

1. Buds In Winter 2/14/2012
2. Dead Waters 2/14/2012
3. Elinor's Tale 2/17/2012
4. Ingrid's Farewell 2/14/2012
5. October 10/18/2012
6. Orpheus 2/23/2012
7. Secret 2/14/2012
8. The Cat 2/14/2012

Buds In Winter

A lifeless void to the night yet to come
My heart, a rose
Who's fate is to be picked and die in your palm
But should you ever leave it grow
Alone in the darkness
By dawn, the light will have washed away the blood red petals
And I'll have meant nothing.

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