Treasure Island

Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

[Rumi] (1207 - 1273 / Persia)

Poems of Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

1. A Moment Of Happiness 3/30/2010
2. A New Rule 10/26/2013
3. A Stone I died 3/30/2010
4. All through eternity 3/30/2010
5. Any Lifetime 3/30/2010
6. Any Soul That Drank the Nectar 3/30/2010
7. At the Twilight 3/30/2010
8. Bad Dreams 10/30/2013
9. Be Lost In The Call 3/30/2010
10. Be With Those Who Help Your Being 3/30/2010
11. Because I cannot sleep 3/30/2010
12. Behind the Scenes 10/26/2013
13. Birdsong 3/30/2010
14. Book1 Prologue 3/30/2010
15. Bring Wine 1/1/2004
16. Come, Come, Whoever You Are 3/30/2010
17. Confused and Distraught 3/30/2010
18. Defeated by Love 10/26/2013
19. Description of Love 3/30/2010
20. Did I Not Say To You 1/1/2004

Rise, lovers

Rise, lovers, that we may go towards heaven; we have seen this world, so let us go to that world.
No, no, for thought these two gardens are beautiful and fair, let us pass beyond these two, and go to that Gardener.
Let us go prostrating to the sea like a torrent, then let us go foaming upon the face of the sea.
Let us journey from this street of mourning to the wedding feast, let us go from this saffron face to the face of the Judas tree blossom.
Trembling like a leaf and twig from fear

[Hata Bildir]